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Push it real good

4 more sleeps 'til school.

My house is sparkly clean from boredom. My eyes hurt from staring at a computer monitor. Gossip Girl doesn't start 'til the 1st of September. What am I going to do with my life for the next few days?

Other than finish DDD obviously. The writing is amazing, I have to say I'm jealous. Also: I <3 Dexter and his sociopathy, it's killing me.

Golly Jeepers Mister, you sure are big

How the HELL did I get this much stuff? It took me and my fam 3 days to move me out of my old apartment.  And my new one is a bit smaller (...or maybe just partitioned?) so fitting the crap in was fun. BUT I'm in, it's done, and the place is super cute. Brody, especially, loves it. I swear 75% of the people here have dogs! WOOT!

Also: Twilight trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also: Apparently my summer classes accidently got cancelled. Oh silly Purdue, WHY DO YOU SUCK AT ANYTHING CLERICAL?!?!?! So now I have to go reschedule them (the first one starts on Monday!!) and hope that no one in the financial aid office notices that I'm not registered for any credit hours... 'cause they'll cancel my aid too!!

My life is always interesting.

Current word infatuation: 'apothecary'

Just finished my German final. Turns out I can bullshit an essay in TWO languages :-D!!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't actually use my awesome plan to pass. When you're graduating a year late... you can't really mess around with exam taking strategery.

So my plan is to do some heavy duty packing tonight (if I don't go home and pass out... which is possible :) ) and then I have all day tomorrow, complete with 4 review sessions to study for stat.

Workin' it through people!

I can't believe I'm gonna be in a new place on Sunday. It doesn't even seem possible. I'm soo excited and so exhausted at the same time. (Ah, the miracle of caffeine.)

OH! Spreching of which, I just got starshmucks, and I feel bad about it because I actually really despise the taste of their coffee. They burn the coffee beans, and it literally tastes scorched to me. However. I have some sort deli-ci-ous carmelly thing by my side, and I have to say it's making me smile. I don't want them to think I'm leading them on or anything. You know, get a reputation as a coffee tease. But still... this is kinda good...


And I want to party.

The entry of slightly awkward syntax

Finals start tomorrow. I've got one on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday... so I'm not quite freaking out yet, but when those days arrive you know I'm gon be crazy. 

And that Saturday !BONUS! is also the eve before I move into my new apartment. My new exciting apartment. My new vastly improved apartment! I know, I know "But, Katie, didn't you just move into your current apt 15 seconds ago." No, I've actually been here for almost a year now (I KNOW!) and its high time I got out of here.

Just think: Privacy!!  No dogs barking!!  Not having to check on them every freaking night!!  Not having to deal with sick dogs at odd hours!! And, praise jeebus, no having to deal with the loudest building alarm EVER because people can't seem to handle remembering their 4-digit security at 5:45 in the morning ON MY DAYS OFF.

... Living where you work can be fun, though.... I just, you know, can't think of any examples right now.... 

Also: HOT DAMN I'm a Sociologist. It's soooooooooooo nice to figure out what you love to do. Easiest. major. ever. (at least for me, because honestly, its the kind of thing I liked to discuss before I even knew this major existed.) I'm well on my way to graduate, hopefully sometime this century, and I'm truly stoked about it. You know, the Soc part. Not the actual graduating and having to do the real world thing part. ONE MORE YEAR! 

But for right now I have a week devoted to work, study, and....


packing my entire apartment.

Commence freak-out.

"But if there's trouble she's got the moves, she's taking an elementary class in kung-fu"

Seriously, it's funny how people think they know you really well and then do the one thing to make you want to end a friendship right there.

My mommy and grandma are coming up this morning to take all my crap home! I'm so excited. The semester's over (yeah, like it even really counted...) and I have a new job waiting for me at home. It's gonna be a good summer. No more weird hours. Maybe now I can actually have a social life!! WHAT? I know. Last summer pretty much sucked. Oh well, on to the new :D Apparently, Em and I are forcing Jame into our school of driving. If she learns anything from me, she'll be driving the Batmobile by the end. Whoo-ah.

Also, my life is getting fixed tomorrow! I'm finishing CODOing, getting the necessary signatures and such. Plus, I'm looking into breaking my housing contract somehow. I think incoming freshman can't but I'm pretty sure upper-classmen can. So, yeah doing that-- AND signing my leese for my new apartment! WOOT! I'm really excited about it. I hate living in the dorms. I didn't want to stay in them again, but I signed the contract thinking I was studying abroad. However, I'm not studying abroad second semester next year(I'm gonna do it later on) anymore, so there's no reason for me to be in the dorms again when I have a perfectly good apartment to live in. Fun people live there: Kim Hargarten and her cousin Gretchen (who I've met a couple of times at parties in their apt.) and I have no idea who the fourth person is. Hopefully we all get along, which we should. In conclusion: EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE! I like change, so my outlook is particularly rosy currently :D

At the Griffin tonight, the DJ from the super study break was right outside the window. It was good times. Juday and I are amazing singers ;) Not really. I could have gone home at 8 or so but I sent Kim home instead. So Judy and I spent the rest of the night being SO BORED b/c we were so slow. I got a free shirt though. I wonder if I was really supposed to keep it? Oh well, I have it now. It's XL, so I'm gonna shrink it so it fits better. It has the "SUPER STUDY BREAK" logo on it. I haven't seen so many random people in superhero outfits in one place since the last Breakfast Club! Some guy even dressed as Quail Man. YES. Kim and I debated whether the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were superheroes. I say they are. I mean, come on they're "Heroes in a half-shell!"

Well, its been fun, but I'm tired and non-coherent.