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...the way some people believe in fairy tales...

I'm trying to chill out. And August Rush is such an amazing soundtrack... I think it's helping. Hence the very AR influenced theme to this entry, just so you know. Now that we've cleared that up, let's examine why I need to relax:

My procrastination is getting out of hand... to the point where it's making me anxious. There's some important things I need to do, financially and academically, and I'm just not getting it done. PLUS I've been working everyday for the past ten days. My next day off is... next Wednesday maybe? I don't even know at this point. They need to hire some moar people, and I need to learn how to do work and life at the same time.

Nothing's gotten done writing-wise (see 2nd paragraph) so I'm hoping to work on that tomorrow. That'll make Katja happy, at least.

I'm thinking I should just go to bed. Maybe if I start having a decent sleep schedule, I can get stuff done during the day.

BRB trying that.
Tags: insomnia, procrastination, writing
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