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I'm Chuck Bass

People are writing fancy things and I'm jealous. Motivation is a tricky thing for me. We're not friends. Denial and I however, total BFF.

OMG MTV IS ACTUALLY PLAYING MUSIC VIDEOS! What the hell, man? Though I guess it's MTV2, but still.

Um, the Reaper season finale was tonight, and it was so hilarious. Also, Gossip Girl was last night and it was... kinda disappointing. Not without its good (and really good) points, but overall I was surprised it wasn't ridiculously OMFG-inducing. I was promised more, damnit. Also, if you dare to judge me on my obsession with CW programming... I will hunt you down.

Looking forward to Grey's, etc later this week :)

In other news, my dog is coming along really well with his training. Aaaand I just got a Cesar Milan book at the library, so you know, that's helpful. He's back on allergy meds though. Yes, we are one Being.
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