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Golly Jeepers Mister, you sure are big

How the HELL did I get this much stuff? It took me and my fam 3 days to move me out of my old apartment.  And my new one is a bit smaller (...or maybe just partitioned?) so fitting the crap in was fun. BUT I'm in, it's done, and the place is super cute. Brody, especially, loves it. I swear 75% of the people here have dogs! WOOT!

Also: Twilight trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also: Apparently my summer classes accidently got cancelled. Oh silly Purdue, WHY DO YOU SUCK AT ANYTHING CLERICAL?!?!?! So now I have to go reschedule them (the first one starts on Monday!!) and hope that no one in the financial aid office notices that I'm not registered for any credit hours... 'cause they'll cancel my aid too!!

My life is always interesting.
Tags: apartment, purdue, twilight

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