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The entry of slightly awkward syntax

Finals start tomorrow. I've got one on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday... so I'm not quite freaking out yet, but when those days arrive you know I'm gon be crazy. 

And that Saturday !BONUS! is also the eve before I move into my new apartment. My new exciting apartment. My new vastly improved apartment! I know, I know "But, Katie, didn't you just move into your current apt 15 seconds ago." No, I've actually been here for almost a year now (I KNOW!) and its high time I got out of here.

Just think: Privacy!!  No dogs barking!!  Not having to check on them every freaking night!!  Not having to deal with sick dogs at odd hours!! And, praise jeebus, no having to deal with the loudest building alarm EVER because people can't seem to handle remembering their 4-digit security at 5:45 in the morning ON MY DAYS OFF.

... Living where you work can be fun, though.... I just, you know, can't think of any examples right now.... 

Also: HOT DAMN I'm a Sociologist. It's soooooooooooo nice to figure out what you love to do. Easiest. major. ever. (at least for me, because honestly, its the kind of thing I liked to discuss before I even knew this major existed.) I'm well on my way to graduate, hopefully sometime this century, and I'm truly stoked about it. You know, the Soc part. Not the actual graduating and having to do the real world thing part. ONE MORE YEAR! 

But for right now I have a week devoted to work, study, and....


packing my entire apartment.

Commence freak-out.
Tags: apartment, purdue, sociology
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