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Wow, who wrote 1,000 words today? THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES. i'm a teenz proud of myself, you know.

WHY is franz ferdinand the background music for the Daddy Day Care promo on TV? Do they know what goes on at Franz Ferdinand concerts? Well, nothing really, except tight jeaned euro-trash wanna-be's* stamping about, but then there's me and lois_lane85 and threeeby5 looking all sexy with beer spilled in our hair. AND THAT IS NOT G-RATED, PEOPLE. Do you realize the combined weight of our cleavage? Probably  we could contruct your average camper at your precious Daddy Day Care from the contents of our shirts ALONE. 

Dear god, what a horrible thought.

That's my stream of conscious-ish rant for the day. Take it or leave it. Probably leave it. It'd be best.

I SAW DARCY EVADONNA, AMANDA, AND CRYSTAL last Friday! God, and I was obnoxious too. Sorry about that guys. Not that I was rude (I don't think) but damn, I talk a lot! And I can't stop myself either. Wish I could, but no dice. Speaking of rambling, perhaps I should get to the point which is: I'm still in love with every one of you <3<3

Alas, I'm off the internets for the next couple of days because I reeeeeeeeally don't wanna get HP spoilerized, so ta-ta, I s'pose. But I leave you with this (guaranteed spoiler-free article) amusing rundown of what loose-ends, exactly, JKR needs to tie up in the last installment:

The true allegiance of Professor Snape has been one of the great mysteries of the whole series: is he evil or just greasy? At this point, the volume of evidence stacked against him is overwhelming. He was formerly an evil Death Eater. He was the head of the evil Slytherin household. He has evil black hair. He is played by actor Alan Rickman, who is himself evil. This is some pretty damning stuff.

*just kidding... sort of.
Tags: amazing friend-i-tude., cleavage, franz ferdinand, harry potter, rant

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