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I waste time like it's my middle name

 12 minutes before I leave for philosophy. Do I have clothes on? No of course not, I'm blogging and that's too important to divert any energy into putting pants on.

I just wanted to make sure Crystal, Dar-ee, and Amanda know how sorry I am that I can't go on the trip. And that I'm fucking devastated that I don't get to hang with them for a week. And pissed. All different shades of pissed. I started my new job today and they won't give me Spring Break off. Bullshit.

I hope you guys have fun in the sun, doing acts of charity and improving the lives of those less fortunate, while I slave in the cold for an unfeeling capitalist society.

Fucking shenanigans is what this is!
Tags: apology(non-plato), rant

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