ktk____________ (ktk____________) wrote,

Painting... (say your prayers)

Me+ paint = highly frustrated.

I'm not even using color b/c I can't handle it. Black and white, like words on a page. That's how I roll.

Insomnia never waits for my approval before taking hold. Shtupid. It's like someone who always seems to call as you're sitting down to eat.

I've let go of something tonight that went there and back with me. It's not even big, just a piece of stupid writing that I couldn't finish. But it's been to dark places with me. It's changed forms as I did. I got it done tonight. It's how I know I'm safe. It's not even deep or particularly good, it just means more to me than I think anyone reading it could know.

I killed mildew today in our bathroom. We're the Mildew Murderers, baby. (gang symbol on the way) It's totally cool if you want to form a fan club for my disinfecting powers. They're breathtaking. Even Butters clapped when I braved the bathmat. Well he would have if he had hands, he is a bunny after all. It's a scary moldy world out there kids, be safe!
Tags: mildew murderers!, painting, writing
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