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"This ferret ate my baby!!"

So, haven't updated in a while...
Dial up + being home = limited internetting for Kateh.
I was going to update last night but the power went out and there was weirdness. Luckily I saved the entry since I no longer trust LJ. It's behind the cut.

OMFG did anyone watch Grey’s? It just got over and I am so in love with this show right now. To tell you the truth I kinda freaked out. Maybe a little. Like, just this (NO. With the dying and the heart stopping and the DNR forms and the anger but OMG what are you all doing but you can’t do that because dying because there are more shots! NO.) much. But apparently that was loud enough to wake multiple family members. Tomorrow is the conclusion. I will be glued to a TV screen. If not my own, someone else’s. Do not stand in my way. I may not like a lot of TV, but the shows I do, I love fiercely.


Okay as if I’m not freaking out enough as is, the power just went out. And very dramatically. It’s not back on. Damn it, man. Last time it went out it was out for 2 days. Though that was weather related. This may just be only the one power line affected (so maybe this time it’ll get fixed faster!) b/c my bet is that someone rammed their car into it. I hope they’re okay if that’s true.


I started my new job. I get to set my own hours, so that’s cool. But I’m pretty much lazy, so I’ll have to be careful. My green thumb is only slightly green, (*examines thumb* I would say kind of like it’s getting sea sick) so I’ll have to be careful of that too. I think the plant killer trait is a genetic thing. Because my mom can kill anything with chlorophyll, while my dad is Father Nature himself. Cross the two and you get Gg, which is of course the genotype for Mediocre Gardening Syndrome. Haha! I just read back over that. I apologize. I must be tired. Lame genetic jokes- it kind of makes me want to cry.


Anyway, being back in A-town is so nice…


For the first day.


And then, when you wake up the second day…


You remember why you left in the first place.


I’ve seen many an old friend since being back. Large gatherings of them. Fun times, when they’re not just sitting around being lame and immature. But, this last weekend has been fun. Friday was a rather large cookout at Fish’s. The pool poker was inferior but we will remedy that shortly ;) Then Saturday I went over to Kate’s with some of my favorite people. There was Shake and Bake-ing of course. We sat and drank a lot of coffee and played euchre and spoke too fast for our waiter(CAFFINATIONNNNN). Jame and I kicked Megan and Em’s asses. There was fun times with me and Megan and Dave in the car. There was weirdness with certain people that I did not understand. But, let it be known that Dave and I rapping is perhaps the most gangsta thing to ever be heard in the back of a Saturn.


I may be returning to Purdue for this next weekend w/ Em and Jame. Now, wouldn’t that be fun!?!?

Progress on CH4 yay-ah.
Weellll, I've gotta feed my fish. And then probably I should work. It's cold. I so don't want to. :P
Tags: a-town, electrical difficulties, friends, grey's anatomy, job, lame joke

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