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"I don't like your... face..."

Omg but I love his face, mmmm beautiful Irishman... so yummy...

Moving on.

YAY! LJ game time!!!!!!!!!

Put iTunes on random, ask the question, press next, and see if iTunes answers your question with the song you get...

1. What is missing from my life?
Catachombs [Dekalb High School Baron Brigade] - hehehe

2. Will I find love?
Are We the Waiting [Green Day]

3. Will I become rich?
Do You Want To? [Franz Ferdinand] -- sweet!!

4. Does someone have a crush on me?
Vision of Division [The Strokes] -- apparently not

5. What is my favorite sexual position?
Not Even Jail [Interpol] -- OMG THAT'S AWESOME!!

6. Am I good looking?
Come What May(Original Film Version) [Moulin Rouge]-- que?

7. What makes me the most happy?
Friends [Led Zeppelin] -- how perfect!

8. What is my biggest regret?
Was I Right or Wrong [Lynard Skynard] -- apparently regrets

9.where will i be in ten years?
Most High [Jimmy Page and Robert Plant] -- hehehe way ahead of you (word up to stephen;) )

10.why am i taking this survey?
Over the Moon [Rent]-- ?

11.will i ever be famous?
Thank You [Led Zeppelin] -- thank ya very much ;)

12.what the f***?
I'll Cover You(Reprise) [Rent] -- seems appropriate as that's Jamie Ann's favorite song, and there are situations where that's all she says ;)

13. How will I die?
Something Bad [Wicked] -- this is NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR RIGHT NOW

14. Do I act my age?
This Boy [Franz Ferdinand] -- is that a no?

15. What type of tatoo should I get?
Falling Away [The Like] -- ?

16. What is my spirit animal?
Burning Up [Jimmy Page and Robert Plant] -- a warm one, then?

17. Do I like pain?
Between Love and Hate [The Strokes] -- This means rough sex in my mind. I think I need a boyfriend LOL

18. Is there anyone else like me out there?
Like Father, Like Son [Aida] -- good answer

19. Do I love to party?
Luno [Bloc Party]-- um...

20. Where should I move to?
Voice Mail #5 [Rent] -- Moving to Sante Fe. Starting a rock band...

21. Am I secretly gay?
Like Eating Glass [Bloc Party] -- wow that's a vehement no

22. Will I ever be president?
Don't Know How [Joss Stone] -- well there ya go

23. What is fun for me?
The Wizard and I [Wicked] -- yeah, we're great

24. Will I ever learn to fly?
Extraordinary Girl [Green Day] -- hehehe yup :)

25. What is my super power?
Bartenders, etc... [Dierks Bentley] -- useful XD

26. will i kill a person?
I've Been Working [Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band] -- hahaha maybe Haley

27.when will the world end?
June Gloom [The Like] -- alright we've got 2 months...

That was a fun waste of time ;) I swear my player is SO BAD at doing the random thing.

"When I say rare, I mean let it look at the oven in terror and then bring it out to me!!" I'm watching Tenth Kingdom. I haven't seen it in a year or so.
"You're now with the merciless trolls." "Ha merciless" "WITH OUT MERCY"
The stepmother just said "I pity the fool" now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was not aware that Mr. T had a hand in writing this.
"Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, well I mean, it would, but very slowly.".
I forgot how much I liked it :) so funny. Plus Wolf is hot in my opinion.
Whoa this is a long entry! Until tomorrow, then. Stay classy, internet.
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