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"Live the life you've always dreamed of!"

Ahhh late night infomercials... you're NOT HELPING.
That's right. Spring break did nothing for my insomnia. What a rip off. Plus, I still don't know if I'm dying. My two goals for the break totally failed. But that seems to be the trend lately, so whatev. I haven't written any entries lately which is odd but I've been busy writing other things I guess. I dunno. I'm kinda tired but not sleepy. So that means no sleep. Grr I wish people would just leave me and my decision making alone. I'm a big girl. Back off.
Back to classes and work and stuff tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but then, who would?
Insomnia's a bitch. Or maybe that's just me.
Tags: insomnia, sick
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