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So, academy awards tonight :) I have not seen a single one of the movies nominated. In fact I haven't seen very many movies at all for a while now. I'd say it's because I'm busy but that's only at home. Here, the movie theatre closest to me does not have a student discount (duh- almost everyone in W Lafayette is a student) and there are some across the river in Lafayette that do, but I'd have to drive there and it's in a complicated location. Not gonna lie, it took Keri and I about an hour to find it one night, when it should have taken 20 minutes. This was in the middle of the worst blizzard we've had had all winter, so you know, accidently getting on a highway, U-turning, K-turning, the entire-fucking-alphabet-of turning was made that much worse/scary. But we perservered. Keri survived sitting in the front seat next to a very stressed KTK. There was no judo chopping that night ironically... 
I've managed to cut myself again. I tend to do that. I'll be sitting somewhere, writing or using my hands in some way, and I'll notice blood smeared all over my finger or the back of my hand. Kinda disturbing. Where do I get all these cuts? I have no recollection of getting them. Hmmm. Apparently the chain-saw fairy makes me frequent (and I must say UNWELCOME) visits. 
OMG Scream 3 is on tonight. These movies crack me up. So it's unmitigated crap--whatever it's entertaining and that is all I ask. Oh Wes Craven. Anyway, I will be watching this tonight. This is the one with the only moment in ALL of the Scream films that made me... well, scream. It's not that it's a particularly scary moment or anything- I just thought Dewey was going to die for a moment, so I remember screaming "DEWEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY" the first time I saw it. Followed immediately by the biggest laugh I had ever graced these movies with. Well done, Wes, well done. Besides, if Dewey died right then, the whole movie would too. He's like the retarded two legged puppy (you know the one with the little cart to support its back end?) that just keeps sticking around despite God clearly pointing at him like, "Dude, I should just put you out of your misery, I really should, but you're just such a spunky little guy I just can't stand it, yes you are, yes you are..... well crap. You can stay another day..." 
I was supposed to go to Indy this weekend to visit my mom and sister, but we decided not to. Momo had to do a video-german project which were of course THE BEST KIND. Good times, good times. So my mom decided to stay home too and do laundry and what-not since momo wasn't coming. Plus, I have to conserve monies due to NOT getting a good tax refund, because I had to file as self employed. WTF? That sucked. Apparently I have a business. I did not realize this, and it took my refund WAAAAAAY down. :( that's right frowny face.
So here's some stuff that's made me laugh recently:
OMG GREATEST THING OF ALL TIME Especially considering the fact that we are generally in love with the DaVinci code and I know I'm looking forward to the movie... But seriously, this is the BEST porn parody title of all time. Whoever came up with this movie is a GENIUS.  Kate and I laughed hysterically for half an hour after reading this. And being released on the same day? Priceless.
Completely Reliable Oscar Predictions Hehehehe
Hemione Granger and the Hangover of DOOM Muahahhahahahaha I would totally be doing the same thing. Huzzah, Emma Watson, Huzzah.
Jon Stewart Interview with Sports Illustrated He so funny
Common Errors in English This is not so much fun as useful. Well, except for when you look at the breach/breech the thing to help you remember the difference is “Once more unto the breach, dear friends” means “let’s fill up the gap in the line of battle”, not “let’s reach into our pants again." I thought that was funny :)
Book of Ratings Yes, ask Kate, I spent hours of my life looking through the crap on this site because it makes me laugh so hard!

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