ktk____________ (ktk____________) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Пт, 18:38: Mel's turn to get a few groceries. Her purchase? 4 diff types of chips, strawberry shortcake rolls & loaf of bread. She will do great things
  • Сб, 01:42: For Christmas I would like a kitten. And a different set of allergies. I would probably give up peanuts for a kitten.
  • Сб, 01:46: My two biggest disappointments in life: not being Santa Claus, and not being able to grow old as a crazy cat lady.
  • Сб, 01:50: It's the cat thing that I can't do, b/c of the allergens. The growing old and crazy bits I have covered. #unnecessaryclarification
  • Сб, 02:06: Mel got me hockey tickets! I suppose that makes up for having no food in the apt that is not made by Frito-Lay #mykingdomforachickenbreast
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