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Sir, I find it intensely humiliating to be asked by airport security staff if I have packed my own bag. This forces one to admit, usually within earshot of others, that I no longer have a manservant to do the chore for me. Gentlemen should be able to answer such questions with a disdainful: "Of course not! Do I look like that sort of person?"


The Perfect Traveler

The perfect traveler must be a perfect contradiction. She should be open to almost everything that comes her way, but not too ready to be taken in. He should be worldly, shrewd, his feet firmly on the ground; but he must also have the capacity to give himself over to moments of real wonder. He or she must be curious, observant, spirited and kind—ready to spin a spell-binding tale of adventure and irony at the Explorers’ Club, and then throw it all over for a crazy romance in the South Seas.


Monopoly money

HATS off to Paolo Bellomo, a reader from Brooklyn, for this tip on the background to quantitative easing. He points out that the principles of current monetary policy were made clear in the rules of Monopoly. And, indeed, checking the Hasbro website, I found the statement that "The Bank never goes broke. If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much more as may be needed by writing on any ordinary paper." Nowadays, the paper is a computer entry but the idea is still the same.

Of course, in Monopoly, the game keeps going until all the players except one are bankrupt or in jail and that can't happen in the real economy.....