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welcome back my writing muse!!!

I've finally got some ideas for continuing my fanfctions (and ending them, possibly) but I've also a little project for sanada's b-day (may 21st), I'd like to try something different this time...

talking about drawings, I wanna post the last one made before leaving for france:

rei and arata from a story of mine called "elemental magic"

I know I should start drawing(and coloring) on a better quality paper, yes, I know, but I never do it... ^^;;;

5 weeks have already passed since my arrival in bordeaux and I'm doing well, I think, even if I'd like to know more french people... but I didn't have a lot of opportunities for meeting people...
I refuse going to some erasmusparty organised only for making people drunk like the other italians, arrived here with me, I'm not a really a person who likes going out in the evening/night, plus, I have very particular interests (italian and international politics, world history, japan culture, french novels, the windsor family,...) that often don't match with other peoples ones and I've a "not so easy to deal with" character, I'm not a really friendly person, I don't give confidence and trust people easily...
anyway, there's a colleague of mine that loves manga (especially shonen and seinen) and is very nice, so I've at least one friend here, for the future we'll see^^ 


I wish you a good May 1st!!!

I've never celebrated this before, but there are 2 reasons this year:
first, I'm currently working, so it has a meaning for me;
second, I love the french way of celebrating it: buying a little bouquet of lily of the valley and giving it as a present to someone... unfortunately I had nobody to give it, so I kept it for myself ^^

obviously I didn't lose my tendency to exaggerate, so I've also bought  a floral arrangement with lilies and roses, it's cute, isn't it? ^___________________^


royal wedding

a huge windsor fan like me couldn't lose it!!!
I watched it at work with my colleagues (at the same time I was doing some translations from french to german, k has discovered multitasking! lol)
I soooo loved it!!

kate was perfect! she chose a beautiful dress, we all liked it!
workedupwilliam was sooo cute! (but he's becoming bald, oma!!!)
the queen dressed in yellow was great as usual, she'll never disappoint my expectations *___________* (bows)
prince philip can't be 90ys old, no he can't!!!! he's still able to read without glasses and has more hair than his son and grandson together! (and he's still a bishonen... damn)
I also liked camilla and samantha cameron's choice of dress^^ (and it's really a new thing with camilla)
I'm still asking to myself what sort of hat was victoria beckam wearing, I cannot describe it, too much absurd imho

ok, I think "this" will be a good way to ending this post
a photo of the new family!!!


work's started!

today I finally started my work at ADAST, I spent the entire day translating and writing in 4 languages (italian, french, english and german), it was quite exhausting but it's the kind of work that I've always wanted to do, so I'm not complaing at all ^^
plus my colleagues are very nice and helpful, today we had lunch together in a chinese restaurant and we talked about life, politics and the royal wedding! I've found other monarchy fans, I'm sooo happy!!

today I also had the time to post another sailor moon fan art on da, I've drawn it one month ago but I never had the time to post it until now

this time is sailor saturn's turn!

I'm in france!!!!

quick post (I'm going to post some photo sooner): I'm in bordeaux since monday and I'm doing pretty well, even if I'm not accustumed to the new bed, to the obligation to use public transports for going everywhere 'cuz my dormitory is out of nowhere =__________= and there's no lift in the building and I live in the 4th floor...   I'm tired and sleeeeeeeepy
I'll start work next week, after easter holidays, I'm going to work for an agency that develops students' international work, I'll be interesting to work there, I think

EDIT- 19th of april
due to technical problems with the shower I've had to change room and I spent the entire evening  moving all my things into new room and cleaning my old room and the new one, geeeeeez =_______________=
after doing all of this I went to my beloved virgin store and bought a lot of yaoi, I need them so much!!!!! and then I spent an entire hour reading them in a bench in the little park of gambetta square under the sun, so lovely! ^^
I'm into tateno makoto mangas lately...


sometimes they come back...

I wasn't very active on lj lately...
one reason is surely that I'm not following a lot of manga/anime at the moment(I stopped both naruto and bleach, they became too much boring), another is that I'm very productive on da!
since last summer I'm again into sailormoon fandom: in italy the anime is rebroadcasted and the latest manga version is published
all of this inspired me and I started drawing some pics, like these:

plus, I'm currently working on an original series with a lot of characters, scenarios, relationships and more... the concept is old 'cuz the first version came out in summer 2001 (10 ys ago, wow it's huge!!)
 I've drawn only some pic at the moment, but I really want to write the entire story, hope the new season will give me the necessary inspiration (and will, obviously ^________-)

and my yanakiri muse is always here! I don't want to say this aloud ('cuz with real life and co. I'm never 100% sure) but probably I'm finally going to finish some fic this year!!!

talking 'bout real life, some things happened:
I ended a HR master and started searching for a job (with no result)
I restarted taking english lessons (I want to get FCE this year)
aaaaand... I won a leonardo project and next week I'm leaving for france!! I'm going to work in bordeaux for 3 months^^ 
and if I have enough time (and an internet connection at home) I want to keep a diary and post some photos 'bout my experience here on lj, this for 2 reasons: keep my friends up to date and  keep my english in practice ^^

so you can expect more from me soon ^_____________^

I hope spoilers 'bout BLEACH  423 that I've just read aren't true or that suddenly I  am not able to understand english anymore...


bleach 416



why hadn't MTV italy broadcasted FMA brotherhood's last episode? why???? (cries)

ma perchè diavolo MTV non ha trasmesso l'ultimo episodio di FMA brotherhood ( e martedì prossimo ci sarà "the city" al suo posto)???  voglio il mio mustang!!!

questa non l'ho proprio capita...

[EDIT] news da mtv.itCollapse )


I knoow I'm a little late but I had the busiest weekend ever...
anyway, I wanted to post something for celebrating renji's b-day ^________________^


yes,  it's a little simple, but I made it during a travel by train to bologna where I'm currently follow a weekend-master... when I  have time I'll color it... I hope so

francesca schiavone has won the french open, congratulations schiavo!!!
I had a lot of fun watching her match vs samantha stosur, she played great ^_________________^
francesca has teached everybody how to play volley tennis and she was so energetic, intriguing and spectacular that even the french public has cheered for her... and I know well the french people, there's not easy for an italian to intrigue them^^