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so, the cottage was amazing. we got so lost on the way there, and when we got there it wasn't even opened yet. so we went to the mcdonalds in the nearest town, and it was SO CLASSY. they had a fireplace and chandeliers made out of antlers, and couches and rocking chairs, and a giant talking moose head. it was essentially bugaboo creek, but mcdonalds.
so we got back around 6, checked in and then had to leave and buy food for dinner, since they didnt have a stove like they promised (we brought hot dogs and mashed potatoes!). we got mcdonalds again, because we're cool. so we ate and watched planet earth and acted dumb and had so much fun. then it was so nice outside so we went outside at midnight and sat on the beach and talked and it was perfect. the end.

and this week has been the week from hell. fuck exams and quizzes and labs and lab practicals and 5 page papers. i'm so glad its all over. i need summer vacation now. only 2 more weeks and 2 days, and then all i have left is finals! i'm officially done by may 20th. then more school and working, but it's still summer so it's ok.

i'm going to solarfest on sunday. i want to dye my hair. i want another tattoo. i want my tragus and cartilage pierced. i want to go shopping. i wish i had money. i want to go live at home in my nice, new re-done bedroom and relax and read all the time and take nice relaxing naps and have people over to cuddle with me. the end.
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bio lab 740-10
phlebotomy 11-1230
math homework.
math lab (quiz) 340-430
going to walmart

bio 11-12
math 12-1
and then i am leaving to go stay in a cottage on squam lake for a night with greg, and i am going to pretty much forget about all the crap that has happened in the last year, and i'm just going to have a good time and enjoy myself, far away from college and homework and everything. i need a break.
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i have decided that life is lived better barefoot.
greg and i just went outside and played frisbee and just talked and it was just so nice, and i wish more days could be as happy and as nice outside as today was. i really think i'm kind of turning into a hippie, but that's ok.

the semester ends in a month, and then its summer! and i can go to the beach and read books and have my windows open all the time and drive my car with the sunroof open and just do nothing and do so much all at the same time. i really can't wait.

i'm trying to work on being happier and being more self confident and not blaming myself for everything bad that happens, because deep down i know everything isn't my fault but i blame it on myself anyways.
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my dorm room smells gross. my roommate put chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge on valentines day, and until i threw them out today, they had been there ever since. [including the week of vacation, where the fridge was unplugged]. i took them out today to throw them out, and the cover wasn't closed all the way, so i spilled it all over myself. the strawberries and chocolate were moldy to begin with, but some kind of liquid spilled out. it smelled like vinegar and rotten eggs, and now the room and MY mini fridge reek. i threw out my jeans because they were that gross.

in other news, greg and i are staying in a cabin on squam lake for his birthday! it's only $55 a night, and we're staying for one night. we're going up on a friday afternoon and exploring and canoeing and stuff, and then climbing rattlesnake mountain in the morning. i'm kind of excited.
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i'm so very very terrible at posting. i sign on to livejournal with the intentions of doing so, but then i never have anything to say!

i like college, and i love UNH, but i'm not going here next year. the nursing program here is too ridiculously hard to get into, and i have no chance whatsoever. so next year, i'm transferring to Great Bay Community College in portsmouth. I'll live at home and commute to classes, and i can be a certified RN in three years. I applied to the school too late for the nursing deadline, so i'm just going for liberal arts for the first year. i'm going to take classes that they suggest you take while you're taking nursing classes. so, by the time i'm ready to start nursing classes in fall of 2010, i will only have to take nursing class and clinicals. [which is so good, because apparently clinicals eat up your life and make it so so hard to do anything else besides focus on them!] and then, after my three years, i want to go to UNE in biddeford and enter in the nurse anesthesist program.
i've gotten mixed opinions on what i plan to do. some people have told me that they're proud of me for being mature, and making the right decision for me and my future. other people have told me that i'm stupid, and that i won't be getting an education. nursing programs are nursing programs. you don't become certified as an RN by taking classes, you become certified by taking your classes AND THEN taking the nursing exam. three years ago, UNH only had a 72% pass rate on the exam. Great Bay had a 100% pass rate. so.. i'm kind of thinking that Great Bay will prepare me more, and i can save a lot of money that i don't have. [3 years at GB costs less than 1 at UNH].

and i already have a job lined up for this summer/beyond. i'm taking a phlebotomy class at UNH right now. so this summer, at wentworth douglass hospital, i will have a 120 hour unpaid internship, and then i can work for them! i'll make $12-$13/hour. and if i work third shift (11pm-7am), i'll make $6 more per hour. and i will be working third shift at least once or twice per week. and this is a full time job, so... bring on the cashhh.

anyways, spring semester at unh... so much better than fall. i moved dorms for the last time, and am now living back in area 1, in jessie doe. i LOVE it here, so much more than stoke or marston. my roommate and i don't get along so much, but that's ok. jake, from dover high, lives here, and i've pretty much been accepted into his group of friends, and it's kind of amazing. everyone here is wicked awesome. i just feel comfortable here, and i feel like i do have friends and that everything is falling into place. i'm still with greg. :) college was ridiculously hard on our relationship, and we had a lot of problems that i didn't think we were going to pull through with, but we did, and i really could not be happier. he finally got a roommate.. haha. his roommate is ben (who is the cousin of adam, my ex-boyfriend). yeah, weird. i thought it was going to be really awkward, but he's wicked chill, like everyone else in that dorm.

but yeah.. that's pretty much my life right now. i plan on moving out and getting an apartment as soon as possible, so probably by summer of 2010! i feel like everything took so long to fall into place, and it is just now starting to. and because of that, i am really excited.
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life has been very very good lately.
i'm a cashier at shaws now.
i turned seventeen on thursday.
i turned myself into a mermaid on accident.
everyone should call me this summer, ok?

i leave you with this....
"in the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself.
this is the meaning of inner strength." -iroh
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I, Nicole Elizabeth Speidel, am officially EMPLOYED!


I, Nicole Elizabeth Speidel, am a licensed driver!!!!!
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In July I gave broknawakeningx a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Friday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole ubersenior07's purse (30 points). Last Thursday I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In October I punched l0wkey_lyesmith in the arm (-10 points). Last Wednesday I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points).

Overall, I've been nice (707 points). For Christmas I deserve a Wii!


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