Great American Music Hall

Friday night was "A Night With Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson" at Great American Music Hall, as a part of Noise Pop Festival in SF. As usual I had some friends join me onstage for certain songs. As Clyde Petersen (Your Heart Breaks) was walking offstage someone yelled "Was that a dude or a girl?" Then Dave End danced in a princess dress & I heard some chins hit the floor. Then Malcolm Rollick sang with me looking like queer Raggedy Andy. They all came back up to dance with me, Aesop Rock, and Rob Sonic, Jeremy Fish, and Alex Pardee for the big Tits Up finale.

Of course there were some people who were like "WHAT THE FUCK?!" There is a lot of homophobia (and folkaphobia) in the hip hop community and I just need to give MAJOR props to Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz for being such good guys and having the balls to not only invite me to share a stage with them but to let the show erupt into a colorful queer spectacle in front of their fans and let that be NORMAL and not a mockery of queer culture. What that shows young people (and old people) in the hip hop community is groundbreaking and takes huge balls.

Standing up against homophobia by just letting gayness be a regular part of reality is powerful. Letting people see that they don't have to be reduced to a label or a box or a genre is also powerful.

My friends are fucking rad and are changing the way people see things.

The show was fun, but it was so much more than that.

It was a mighty force of love and acceptance.

Read the review and check out the slideshow


Here is the rough draft of the credits! If you are on this album check your shit before it goes to print and tell me if I fucked up your name or forgot about you. If you aren't on the album it is still a good read. I am a happy lady.

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals, keyboard

Kimya Dawson- vocals
Panda Dawson-Duval- vocals
Nico Carmer- vocals
Peter Dizzoza- piano
Rheanna Murray- accordion
Stefanie Brendler- french horn
written by- Panda Dawson-Duval, Kimya Dawson, Ben Kapp

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Pablo Das- vocals, hissbiss
Brian Sparhawk- guitar, vocals
Jason Carmer- bass
Heather Dunn- drums
Additional vocals- Malcolm Rollick, Rye Carlin, Nyotni, Charlie Laroux, Leif Lee

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Aesop Rock- drums, vocals
Andrew Dorsett- piano
Clyde Petersen- guitar, vocals
Ben Kapp- guitar, vocals
Additional vocals- Jack Dishel, Thao Nguyen, Olympia Free Choir

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Johnny D- guitar
Ben Lucal- guitar
Jason Carmer- bass
Chelsea Baker- pennywhistle
Andrew Dorsett- piano
Mike Warren- banjo
Laurie Goldstein- cello
Stefanie Brendler- french horn
Ben Kapp- drums
Additional vocals- Jonah Matranga, Olympia Free Choir

Kimya Dawson- vocals
Aesop Rock- music, beats, vocals
Additional vocals- Eva Gheorghiu, Murs, Johnny D, Olympia Free Choir

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Angelo Spencer- guitar, bass, drums
Clyde Petersen- guitar
Ben Kapp- drums
Andrew Dorsett- piano
Olympia Free Choir- vocals

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Gryffen Streeter- drums, vocals
Jason Carmer- bass
Additional vocals- Dario Morbello, Zephyr Morris, McAlister Shea, Patrice Jetter, Panda Dawson-Duval
Special thanks for coming to the studio (maybe you'll sing next time)- Clementine, Clio, Izzy, Tallulah, Stellina, Caspen, Adlai

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
King Aaron Hartman- bass
Alicia Jo Rabins- viola
Andrew Dorsett- piano
Ben Kapp- drums
Additional vocals- Quinn Tuffinuff, Julie Montgomery, Cynthia Weiss, Kina Wolfenstein, Lani B'Shalom, Catyana Pelham-Bush, Jonah Matranga

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals, xylophone, kalimba
Angelo Spencer- percussion
Ben Kapp- percussion

Kimya Dawson- vocals, toy baby grand piano
Aesop Rock- beat, vocals
Joey Seward- synth magic
Ben Kapp (aka Fills Collins)- drums, percussion
Allyson Baker- full on shred
Additional vocals- Johnny D, Olympia Free Choir, Forever Young Senior Citizen Rock & Roll Choir
And Starring Kelsey Smith and Sara Pete as real live librarians from the unbelievably cool Olympia Timberland Library

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals
Andrew Dorsett- piano
Jack Dishel- guitar
Nikolai Fraiture- bass
Angelo Spencer- guitar
Ben Kapp- drums, percussion
Clyde Petersen- amp shaking, thunder making
Additional vocals- Aesop Rock, John Darnielle, Quinn Tuffinuff
Written by Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock

Kimya Dawson- vocals
Aesop Rock- beats, vocals
Bryan Danielson- vocals
Allyson Baker- guitar
Jamoca Brown- vocals, truth

Kimya Dawson- vocals
Peter Dizzoza- piano
Additional vocals- Jason Carmer, Aesop Rock, Olympia Free Choir
Written by Burt Bacharach

Kimya Dawson- vocals
Pablo Das- guitar, vocals
Written by Pablo Das

Kimya Dawson- guitar, vocals, keyboard, smidge of whistling
written by Tin Tree Factory from "Dream Warriors"

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Did you know about the book "In Every Town: An All Ages Music Manualfesto?" I wrote the intro. This shit matters to me. I'll be playing the NW All-Ages Summit/book release this Saturday in Seattle. $15 ticket gets you a copy of the book.


Holy crud. We just got back from France yesterday and I am flying to the Bay Area tomorrow. I decided I wouldn't let the jetlag get me this time so I have been engaged in a very aggressive battle against my desire to collapse. I am just like a zombie. I haven't been a zombie since I worked in that haunted house in '96. I haven't wanted to be a zombie. Not for any Thriller re-enactments. Not for any zombie mall walks. Not for any hipster zombie film projects. Mariah Carey knocked the zombie out of me for 14 years. But the zombie is back. I am the walking dead. Not cool zombie. Not scary zombie. Simply walking dead. Actually sitting. I am the sitting dead. But I am not going to sleep. Fuck you sleep.
So for the next few hours I will be making Kimya Dawson Loves Me shirts and painting panda totes. I was going to make shirts at the show, but I am not sure there will be time for making shirts AND multiple costume changes AND a dance party hugfest. So I am going to draw as many shirts tonight as possible. I think it has been 5 years since I have drawn adorable boner giraffe. Might be time to bring that guy back.
I miss you boner giraffe!!!!
I am so excited for this show. It is crazy. Dave End, Pablo Das, AND Your Heart Breaks?! How is that much goodness in one place even possible?!
The combination of 2 weeks of cheese, being super excited, and then stress of traveling has caused my face to erupt into a giant red bumpy terrain. According to Susan Sarandon and Ellen Degeneres there is some shit I could smear all over my face so you would have no idea but my love of adventure and the stinky blues have left their marks and it feels like a badge. I earned these rashy cheeks. The ones on both end. Kiss my bumpy ass.
Shit I am tired. I don't even know what I am talking about.
Oh yeah, I thought of making an LJ entree tonight to let you know that I am a contributer to a really cool blog. It is There is a pretty awesome video there now that will help you get to know me better.
I am seriously not falling asleep right now.
I am totally fine.
Kimya whatchoo talkin bout? blerghy bloop erp.

old friends

hello pretty babies, mama is here!!!

i just want to say that it is good to know that so many of you are still around. i stopped writing regularly when i felt like panda was getting to an age where i didn't feel so comfortable making her life so public. that will be up to her someday. when i started to feel like all i was doing was being her mama, so i didn't have much else to write about. we just weaned right before her 4th birthday! zoinks! now i have all this other stuff going on and i have been using the twitter but if you guys know me you know that i am not the shortest winded of ladies. so yeah.


i have a four year old.

by wednesday my new album, thunder thighs, will be done. totally recorded mixed, DONE. then i just need to do the cover art and it will be out on K Records early summer! i am super proud of it. soooo many of my bestest peeps are all over it. it is insane. it starts with a song i wrote 8 1/2 months pregnant. slow and steady you know? i am really excited for you all to hear it.

i also have this new insane duo with Aesop Rock called Precious Bros! we are working on an album and have 6 songs that boggle my mind. i have this berkeley show on sunday and then next month i am doing a west coast tour with defiance ohio!!! in march i am going to do a tour with paleface and pablo das.

i feel like doing shit!!! i want to make musics and play and be out and about. i want to go on waterslides and swim in the sea.

all you mamas know about the cloud right? i think the sky is clearing and i feel less crazy. i feel more like myself. i am inspired and excited about things. it is a shame they don't tell mamas about the cloud. and a lot of us don't even know what is happening until it starts to clear.

and it isn't even necessarily post partum depression, but just a cloud. a difference. i didn't even notice what it was until panda was past 3.

i feel good though. getting there at least.

better. little bit of sunshine.

been off sugar and wheat again. this time since early july. it makes a big difference. been dipping my toes back into multiple 12 step programs and dabbling with mindfulness meditation and taking swimming lessons. I am actually getting the hang of butterfly. by the time i am 50 i want to be swim team ready. swimming is so good for my soul. swim to save my soul, right?

i "read" the audiobook of Codependent No More and realized how much of a rescuer i have been my whole life. i have been trying to focus more on my own self care and less on saving everyone else.

i still love you all and care about you but i had been neglecting me. so now i am trying to be good to me and do what i need to do to be healthy. in and out.

getting there.

slow and steady.


so i will start coming around more. on this LJ and hopefully in person. i want to draw you a shirt. i want to play in your backyard. i want some galldarned hugs.

you will hug me won't you?


i have missed all you sexy losers. a lot.

so i am back.


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I am playing at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA on Sunday Dec. 19 with Pablo Das, Dave End, and Your Heart Breaks!!!!

It is not on the club's website and I have no idea what time it starts but I wanted to give you a heads up that it is happening and I am very excited about it!!! It will be all ages. I will update with more info soon but since it is less than a week away I thought I should say something!

xoxox Kimya

P.S. LiveJournal Friends are you still out there? Thinking about becoming a regular again.


8/14 The Hobbit Hole- 3501 Greenmount Ave Baltimore, MD Kimya Dawson, Pablo Das, Iris Peppar, Spoonboy, and possibly more!!! Doors 8pm, show 8:30 all ages $6

8/16 Space 1026- 1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA Kimya Dawson, Pablo Das, and Dave End!!! 8pm $10 All Ages (limited seating *no advance tickets*)

8/17 The Pyramid- The Pyramids 32D South 1st St Brooklyn, NY Kimya Dawson, Pablo Das, Only Son, No One and the Somebodies/Turbosleaze!!! All ages 6:30pm doors (limited space) $10

8/18 Hallie's 18th Birthday Celebration Concert at 3LD (Three Legged Dog) Art and Technology Center 80 Greenwich Street New York, NY Now would be a good time for you to read about Hallie, if you haven't before. This is a celebration of Hallie from 7-10 followed by sets by Kimya Dawson and Pablo Das at 10pm. The whole thing is open to the public or you can come at 10. It will be a beautiful and moving party. Event details here

oh yeah...two west coast shows too...

8/21 Wonder Ballroom- 28 NE Russell St Portland, OR (Portland Folk Festival) Kimya Dawson, Mamadou, Thomas Mapfumo!!! 7:30 doors, show 8pm, all ages $14 advance $16 Day of Show

8/22 Helsing Junction Sleepover- This is an action packed full weekend camping farm adventure. I play Sunday at 2pm