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Holy crud. We just got back from France yesterday and I am flying to the Bay Area tomorrow. I decided I wouldn't let the jetlag get me this time so I have been engaged in a very aggressive battle against my desire to collapse. I am just like a zombie. I haven't been a zombie since I worked in that haunted house in '96. I haven't wanted to be a zombie. Not for any Thriller re-enactments. Not for any zombie mall walks. Not for any hipster zombie film projects. Mariah Carey knocked the zombie out of me for 14 years. But the zombie is back. I am the walking dead. Not cool zombie. Not scary zombie. Simply walking dead. Actually sitting. I am the sitting dead. But I am not going to sleep. Fuck you sleep.
So for the next few hours I will be making Kimya Dawson Loves Me shirts and painting panda totes. I was going to make shirts at the show, but I am not sure there will be time for making shirts AND multiple costume changes AND a dance party hugfest. So I am going to draw as many shirts tonight as possible. I think it has been 5 years since I have drawn adorable boner giraffe. Might be time to bring that guy back.
I miss you boner giraffe!!!!
I am so excited for this show. It is crazy. Dave End, Pablo Das, AND Your Heart Breaks?! How is that much goodness in one place even possible?!
The combination of 2 weeks of cheese, being super excited, and then stress of traveling has caused my face to erupt into a giant red bumpy terrain. According to Susan Sarandon and Ellen Degeneres there is some shit I could smear all over my face so you would have no idea but my love of adventure and the stinky blues have left their marks and it feels like a badge. I earned these rashy cheeks. The ones on both end. Kiss my bumpy ass.
Shit I am tired. I don't even know what I am talking about.
Oh yeah, I thought of making an LJ entree tonight to let you know that I am a contributer to a really cool blog. It is There is a pretty awesome video there now that will help you get to know me better.
I am seriously not falling asleep right now.
I am totally fine.
Kimya whatchoo talkin bout? blerghy bloop erp.
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