Kimya Dawson (kimya_dawson_) wrote,
Kimya Dawson

i wrote an email to the guy from FuelTV asking him some questions and telling him about my hesitations. He wrote me back a really nice message explaining that the people at Fuel aren't directly affiliated with the people at Fox News, even though they are under the same umbrella. he told me that 80% of Fox's contributions in the last election went to the democratic party. he said that Fuel donates to environmental charities and to charities to find a cure for breast cancer. he told me that they just really love my song and told me that they really want to use it in the piece. the storyboard for the piece is beatiful and the artist, nathan reifke, is AMAZING.

i asked for advice here and on myspace and 95% of the replies i got told me to go for it.

but i decided not to.

i decided that it is not an issue of "selling out" or not. and it has nothing to do with money. i just don't want my art connected to a network logo. if they asked me to be on the soundtrack of a fox searchlight film i might say yes. if they asked me to have a song in the background of one of their skate shows i might say yes. but a network ID for a fox owned network seems to cross the line of what i can consider okay for me. it's just how i feel in my gut.

thanks to everyone who told me what they thought about the situation. i read every single reply twice. and took every reply to heart. but i was sad that there weren't more people telling me to fuck the man.

i think that is another reason i decided not to do it.

i got a sense that most people feel like there is nothing we can do and these corporate media "giants" have already won, so i should take the money and run. that idea hurts my soul. it felt good to write to the guy and tell him honestly how i feel. it felt good to be a little speck of dust in a great big universe standing before something so much bigger than me and saying "i'm sorry, but this makes me feel bad."

so, in a roundabout way, you all made me realize what is important to me.

-to love and be loved
-fighting the good fight
-recognizing the value of being true to myself
-communication and communities
-using my voice
-being someone panda can be proud of

i really believe my choices make a difference.

thanks for trusting me and loving me and helping me.

you should all read the article in the seattle weekly about the band dead moon.

it's really appropriate and inspiring.
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