August 7th, 2010


Golden Birthday

I just booked a cluster of last minute really small love filled east coast shows. Soooo excited to be surrounded by family and friends!!! This is the info I have so far...there may be extra stuff added in NYC and Philly.

8/14 House Show in Baltimore, MD w/ Pablo Das, Iris Peppar, and more

8/16 Space 1026 in Philly w/ Pablo Das and Dave End

8/17 The Pyramid in Williamsburg w/ Pablo Das, Only Son, No One and the Somebodies/Turbosleaze!!!

And the 18th I will be attending Hallie's 18th Birthday Party.

Now would be a good time for you to read about Hallie, if you haven't before.

oh yeah...two west coast shows too...

8/21 Wonder Ballroom- Portland, OR (Portland Folk Festival)
8/22 Helsing Junction Sleepover