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(no subject)

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Dec. 11th, 2003 | 04:49 pm
mood: anxiousanxious

If timelines weren't relative and easily reset, I would have to admit to being increasingly worried about the present state of...things.

The Plot Implausibility Fields seem to be multiplying and acting randomly and yet at times most certainly not randomly...the Tom from my time...universe...seems to have once again disappeared into one. None of my efforts to find him have been successful, nor have my efforts to find Linnis and her family a way home been so.

Even supposing I should find such a venue, I'm no longer certain it would be ethical to remove Linnis' child to Voyager ...to a time and place she shouldn't exist in, in so many ways.

Noncorporeality is astonishingly frustrating, the universe seems to have gone insane, and as the other Tom...who really isn't irritable and generally antisocial all of the time...says, I might just do the same damned thing.

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