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Aboard the NX-Enterprise...

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Oct. 26th, 2003 | 09:05 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

I arrived here a few days ago, having finally asserted some slight control over my powers and, more importantly at this point, my form.

I seem to be unnoticed as of yet, excepting a small trio I trust with the knowledge of my presence. Tom...that is, the Tom from the universe in which we married and had Linnis...apparently saw my arrival in the mess hall and followed me to the science lab.

We spoke briefly, and I do wish he hadn't seen me...it's clear that he is in no way over the death of his Kes. Only time will tell whether my presence can help or hinder the grieving process.

Our initial talk was interrupted when his daughter, Linnis, and his double...from my universe...arrived. I noticed some tension between he and the latter, and Linnis appeared nervous as well. She eventually left and I urged Tom...from my universe...to go as well. He seemed to want to stay by her side.

If I didn't know better...B'Elanna...

It's all very strange, and I may be responsible for the entire mess. Tom...Linnis' Tom...how confusing...helped me get to his quarters without being seen, and I slept for a very long time. I had no idea maintaining physical form and traveling such distances could be so exhausting.

That may also explain why the Q are often so irritable.

Linnis came by earlier after her shift in sickbay, but didn't stay for long. She seems very uncomfortable with my being here...and the possibility that I might be able to return her to Voyager.

Tom is back with a meal. I'll update soon.

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