October 1st, 2004


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::was adrift...in cold darkness, nothingness it seemed::

::this darkness is at least substantial, even strangely familiar::

I feel like I'm in a cage...I can't stay here any longer. I'm a danger to all of you.

::flattens palms on cool bulkhead, stiffening spine and twisting head slowly to take in surroundings::

It's a girl! She's beautiful...just like her mother...

::bends reflexively at waist, lifting hands to cover ears, shaking head rapidly::

No, no, no...

::shudders, inching way down bulkhead to crouch on deck, pulling knees up to hug::

I can't stop it...I can't keep going...

::stares across room in confused exhaustion, watching figure asleep sprawled on stomach::

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