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During attack...

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Jul. 12th, 2004 | 06:00 pm
mood: determined

::makes way through chaotic corridors, avoiding as many of the enemy as possible by simply flattening self into shadows...is hesitant to use powers unnecessarily so early on, it only weakens them...and self::

::despite intentions still manages to incapacitate at least two of Mallos' henchmen...painfully::

::ducks past battered knot of security officers and other crewmen to slip into sickbay, listening carefully for telepathic 'noise' before motioning for Cutler to hand over Charlotte::

::together they manage to tuck Charlotte into Renara's old sling, baby wide-eyed but silent::

::takes Henry in arms, relieved as twins' proximity seems to calm them both a bit::

::slips back out into corridor, hurrying on way to safe retreat...wherever may find one...::

::quickly ducks into storage closet as enemy rounds a corner up ahead, shushing babies in complete darkness, ear pressed against door::


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