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Jul. 4th, 2004 | 05:38 pm
mood: melancholymelancholy

I suppose it's been too long since I updated these logs, but I haven't seen reason to. My life aboard Enterprise is remarkably calm considering the circumstances...with ltcmdrtomparis and his family gone, even more so than before.

My daily activities certainly aren't very interesting...I assist in sickbay when needed and spend time in the science labs. The clematis flower Tom gave me seems to be growing rather than wilting, I was forced to enlist help in fashioning a trellis for the seeded vines to climb.

Captain Archer has been extremely patient with my...extended...stay, though I know he must be wondering why I haven't moved on.


I have nowhere to go. When I left Voyager my original intent was to curb my powers and find a way home, to Ocampa, or someday back to the ship that had taken me in. It took so much longer than expected, and things have changed so...Neelix and the Doctor are immersed in teaching Seven of Nine about humanity, and my Tom...

I shouldn't apply such labels. I have no Tom, no place in his life in either of the two universes I care about.

I have no place at all, it seems.

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