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::draws to a halt just before Delta Flyer hatch, staring around Enterprise's hanger bay briefly in thought::

::releases a small sigh, lifting hand to signal for entrance::
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Beyond the rainbow...

::steps into empty observation lounge, choosing to leave lighting low::

::shifts baby weight to rest against shoulder, moving a hand up to offer support::

::moves to viewport, stroking thumb across soft back soothingly as Jenay stirs from sleep::

::closes eyes for a long moment, savoring each soft hiccup::


::smiles slightly as fuss tapers off, shifting bundle in arms again, turning to offer better view::

::uses free hand to point::

Those are stars, Jenay.

I've seen all of them-and I promise you that the view is far more lovely from this distance.
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::was cold darkness, nothingness it seemed::

::this darkness is at least substantial, even strangely familiar::

I feel like I'm in a cage...I can't stay here any longer. I'm a danger to all of you.

::flattens palms on cool bulkhead, stiffening spine and twisting head slowly to take in surroundings::

It's a girl! She's beautiful...just like her mother...

::bends reflexively at waist, lifting hands to cover ears, shaking head rapidly::

No, no, no...

::shudders, inching way down bulkhead to crouch on deck, pulling knees up to hug::

I can't stop it...I can't keep going...

::stares across room in confused exhaustion, watching figure asleep sprawled on stomach::

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During attack...

::makes way through chaotic corridors, avoiding as many of the enemy as possible by simply flattening self into hesitant to use powers unnecessarily so early on, it only weakens them...and self::

::despite intentions still manages to incapacitate at least two of Mallos' henchmen...painfully::

::ducks past battered knot of security officers and other crewmen to slip into sickbay, listening carefully for telepathic 'noise' before motioning for Cutler to hand over Charlotte::

::together they manage to tuck Charlotte into Renara's old sling, baby wide-eyed but silent::

::takes Henry in arms, relieved as twins' proximity seems to calm them both a bit::

::slips back out into corridor, hurrying on way to safe retreat...wherever may find one...::

::quickly ducks into storage closet as enemy rounds a corner up ahead, shushing babies in complete darkness, ear pressed against door::

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I suppose it's been too long since I updated these logs, but I haven't seen reason to. My life aboard Enterprise is remarkably calm considering the circumstances...with ltcmdrtomparis and his family gone, even more so than before.

My daily activities certainly aren't very interesting...I assist in sickbay when needed and spend time in the science labs. The clematis flower Tom gave me seems to be growing rather than wilting, I was forced to enlist help in fashioning a trellis for the seeded vines to climb.

Captain Archer has been extremely patient with my...extended...stay, though I know he must be wondering why I haven't moved on.


I have nowhere to go. When I left Voyager my original intent was to curb my powers and find a way home, to Ocampa, or someday back to the ship that had taken me in. It took so much longer than expected, and things have changed so...Neelix and the Doctor are immersed in teaching Seven of Nine about humanity, and my Tom...

I shouldn't apply such labels. I have no Tom, no place in his life in either of the two universes I care about.

I have no place at all, it seems.
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If timelines weren't relative and easily reset, I would have to admit to being increasingly worried about the present state of...things.

The Plot Implausibility Fields seem to be multiplying and acting randomly and yet at times most certainly not randomly...the Tom from my time...universe...seems to have once again disappeared into one. None of my efforts to find him have been successful, nor have my efforts to find Linnis and her family a way home been so.

Even supposing I should find such a venue, I'm no longer certain it would be ethical to remove Linnis' child to Voyager a time and place she shouldn't exist in, in so many ways.

Noncorporeality is astonishingly frustrating, the universe seems to have gone insane, and as the other Tom...who really isn't irritable and generally antisocial all of the time...says, I might just do the same damned thing.
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Aboard the NX-Enterprise...

I arrived here a few days ago, having finally asserted some slight control over my powers and, more importantly at this point, my form.

I seem to be unnoticed as of yet, excepting a small trio I trust with the knowledge of my presence. Tom...that is, the Tom from the universe in which we married and had Linnis...apparently saw my arrival in the mess hall and followed me to the science lab.

We spoke briefly, and I do wish he hadn't seen's clear that he is in no way over the death of his Kes. Only time will tell whether my presence can help or hinder the grieving process.

Our initial talk was interrupted when his daughter, Linnis, and his double...from my universe...arrived. I noticed some tension between he and the latter, and Linnis appeared nervous as well. She eventually left and I urged Tom...from my go as well. He seemed to want to stay by her side.

If I didn't know better...B'Elanna...

It's all very strange, and I may be responsible for the entire mess. Tom...Linnis' confusing...helped me get to his quarters without being seen, and I slept for a very long time. I had no idea maintaining physical form and traveling such distances could be so exhausting.

That may also explain why the Q are often so irritable.

Linnis came by earlier after her shift in sickbay, but didn't stay for long. She seems very uncomfortable with my being here...and the possibility that I might be able to return her to Voyager.

Tom is back with a meal. I'll update soon.
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