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♥Kelsey Lynn♥ [entries|friends|calendar]
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[14 Nov 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I decided to get my journal back because i am bored and felt like updating it. So this weekend i went to the De La Salle dance, that was fun. I went with deirdre, and my senior buddy lauren. And like the whole dance team went too. Then saturday night i went to Janelle's party. That was fun. Then on sunday i had to go to a retreat for church. It was the longest 8 hours of my life, but it wasnt too bad cuz audrey was with me. :) lol. So today i have absolutely nothing to do. So i think i might try to go to sleep cuz im really tired.

PLEASE COMMENT! You know you want to! ;)

<3 Kelsey

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[24 Aug 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Wow i havent update in a while. Well monday, i hung out kari, dan and marissa. it was lots of fun. we rode around and chilled in krogers in the furniture. lmao. yah we just rode around and hung out at marissas for while. then i had dance, then kari came over that night. we stayed up till like 3 just hanging out and we went swimming :) it was fun. Then tuesday kari had an ortho appt, and i went school clothes shopping. i got lots of new clothes :) then i had a dance team meeting and then i went over karis and we hung out and yah. then today i went to the ortho and i didnt get to get my braces off :( i have to wait two more weeks and then i went to office max and got some stuff for school and i started looking for homecoming dresses but i didnt find anything. yah so now i have dance tonight 4-9. and dance team from 12-2 tomorrow. then idk what im doing. well ill update later.

Please Comment.... No one ever does. :P

<3 Kelsey

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[13 Aug 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

thursday after dance team liz came over and we hung out and we were going to go to the movies but my mom said it was too late. then in the morning my mom took us to the mall :) it was fun. then we had drop her off and later deirdre came over and we hung out with my cousin. We watched be cool and got pizza and icecream.. yummmm. Then in the morning she left, and i went to karis with audrey. i was supposed to go to my aunt dorlas 75th bday party, but i ended up not having to go. So we hung out and then we went out to eat. And we made something... but i cant reveal it... it is our little secret ;) Then we walked to stahls and bought 20 suckers for 1 dollar!! "kari do you want a sucker? we have 18 left, im guess i could spare you one". lmao audrey. Then we watched Parent Trap and then i started doing puzzle and then me and audrey played sorry and i was winning and she was like i dont want to play anymore. she only quit cuz she knew i was gonna win. hehe. then we got bored and called dan and audrey talked to him for a little while. me and kari were dancing and being hyper. then we had to leave at 10 :( and tomorrow i have a dance competition at the State Fair with the dance team. :) soo wish us luck.... :)

Please Comment, it makes me happy
<3 Kelsey

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[11 Aug 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | blah ]

Your Musical Tastes Match: Jennifer Garner

See her whole playlist here (iTunes required)

Your Outrageous Name Is
Ivana P. Now


Your Mood Ring is Dark Red

Very happy

K is for Kinky
E is for Energetic
L is for Lively
S is for Smooth
E is for Exuberant
Y is for Yummy
L is for Loud
Y is for Yummy
N is for Neglected
N is for Natural

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[09 Aug 2005|10:43am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

So i went to Caseville last week. It was lots of fun, Kari went up with me and then on monday night we picked up liz. Then wednesday when i went home for dance lizzie came back up with me. It was lots of fun, brianna and candace were up there too. They go to port huron north.. i think. hehe. They are really nice and i love them!!! Basically all we did was lay out, swim, watch movies, talk and have bon-fires. It was really fun. We went to dairy queen like ever night, and we went out to eat. Going out to eat was soo much fun. brianna:"can we have some bread" waitress:"sorry we only dinner rolls" so we asked another lady for bread and we got some, yummm. hehe. Then brianna spilled her water on the wall and the power went out. It was fun. We came home and saturday and then i went to symphony and alexis's party. It was soom much fun!!! First we played wallyball, then we bowled. It was soo much fun. We played 3 games.. my high score was a 92, hehe i suck at bowling! Then we went to the hotel. First we swam and went in the sauna then we went in the bath tubs in our rooms. After we ate subway, and went to the sock hop that we thought went until 12. So we walk to the sock hop at like 11:15 and there is no one there. Everyone had already left. But like the sweet people we are we asked the DJ to play the cha cha slide and the train. So we danced and then we had to leave, but some guy gave us some left over chocolate fondue it was good! Then audrey got there and we walked around the hotel and found some chairs in the stairway and sat there and talked while symph, lex, and julie walked around. Then i went with symph, julie, and lex, and a guy asked us how much a polar bear weighed and we didnt kno, so he was like "enough to break the ice" lmao Then he introduced his hott friend Dan Perry. Then we walked around and went back for cake and for them to open their presents. The a few people went back out to walk around and me and a few people stayed and chilled. Then they came back and they took a bubble bath then they all had bubble fights and then we played truth or dare. Julie and liz had to go ask the front desk for a tampon. lmao. then we just talked until like 5:30 then i went to bed and so did some other people, and like 3 people stayed up till 8 and then they went swimming. I had to leave at 10:45 and then we had a dance team car wash. It didnt go too well. like no one showed up. But it was fun. After deirdre came over and we ate dinner and then we went to see my brothers new house. Then we painted our nails. And went to her house and watched million dollar baby. But i started not feeling good and i felt really nauseous or w.e and so i went home. And i went to bed. And so now here i am. Today i hae dance from 4-9.

Please Comment,
<3 Kelsey

P.S. Colton gets home today :)

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[29 Jul 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yesterday me and Kari went to the mall, and we both bought gaucho pants, "chinese" shoes, and sparkly purses. I am sooooo happy!! Then we came home and walked my dog. Then we went out to eat with my parents, we went to pier 3. It was good. When we got home my cousins came over and we swam. Then we hung out and talked and stayed up till 2:30 then we went to bed. In the morning we woke up at 11 and rode our bikes up to Big Apple Bagels. At 2 audrey, symph, lex, and deirdre came over. We hung out till like 6 and then we swam. We swam for 45 min and then we got cold and got out. Then we watched Center Stage and then they all had to go home :( Now i have to pack for CASEVILLE!!! yay. Liz cant go up to Caseville until tuesday :( so i am going to get lonely so Kari is coming up!!! Yay. Liz is meeting us up there tuesday. Then we have to drive back wednesday cuz we are taping something for dance. Then kari is going home and Lizzie is going back up to Caseville with me. yay. Im soo excited!! Its going to be great. I will miss you all!!!!

Please comment... And make my life that much better ;)
<3 Kelsey

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[27 Jul 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Well last weekend i went to Canada with my cousins to visit my grandma and grandpa :/ it was more fun than i thought. I went with brian and david we played cards and stuff a lot. I won some money!! but it was canadian
:( We went swimming but we had to walk out like 3 miles for it to get deep. It was fun though. Then monday we came back and we stopped at Coldstone's on our way home... it was soo good!!! Then i had dance 4-9. Tuesday i had dance team 12-2 then i had dance at my studio from 4-7. Then Symph and Lex came over!! We took pictures for their myspaces, and we talked about some girl stuff. lmao, and we ate pizza rolls :) yummm. Then in the morning they left. And i had an ortho appointment. I got rubberbands, i have to wear 3 on each side of my mouth
:( but only for 2 weeks and then at night for another 2. then i i might get to get my braces off in 4 weeks!!!!!!! AUGUST 25TH!!! I think that is the day. yay. Then i had dance from 4-9 it was fun.. but not as much fun as last week, mainly because i dont get to foutes :( but w.e im used to it by now everyone is better. And tomorrow i have dance team 12-2 then me and kari are hanging out and hopefully going to the mall!! yay.

My life is boring, and i feel like my whole summer has been dance... :/

AUDREY GETS HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yay i miss audrey!! I have no one else to talk to at 1 in the morning ;)

Please Comment... I am kind of depressed because of dance... so cheer me up :)
<3 Kelsey

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