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06 November 2007 @ 08:23 am
 Björn here. Wanted to tell you a bit about my solo tour. We decided to rest from touring with Mando Diao for a while (we’ve been at it more or less non stop for the past 6 years) to give time for everyone to catch their breath and focus on their own lives, families and interests. My first thought on how to spend this first fall in my grown up life without touring, was to become a Troubadour. I imagined I would play only sad versions of Mando Diao songs for lonesome people at the back of cafés or shady bars with dimmed lights. It ended up being slightly more than that! My small fantasy grew to a slightly larger reality. A real tour. That was actually thanks to Gustaf who suggested I should go, he also reminded me that we will have a new album out and no band to tour it and that that was a shame in a way. So, a couple of my friends who have worked with Mando were invited to join me, but I really wanted to keep that feeling of intimacy as when the idea first came up. So my friends are only 2. And possibly a guest or so at some places. Through this tour I will show a new side of me and of the Mando Diao songs. I guess you can call it a softer side. It will also for the first time in our life be possible for the rest of the band to see at least a little bit of Mando Diao live… I actually envy them that. To you dear friends & audience, I really hope to see you out there! Come keep me company on my solo tour! Love, Björn 

02.Dez.2007         21:00       Gloria       Köln

I think I'll go to that concert since I've totally fallen in love with his voice after seeing the Mando Diao concert on WDR.

21 November 2005 @ 03:00 pm