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[03 Dec 2007|07:39pm]
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[12 Nov 2007|10:47pm]
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[20 Sep 2007|10:09pm]
this morning i had 13 schools in mind.
now i have 6.

fuck art history notecards.
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[06 Sep 2007|08:47pm]
i hate not being able to eat solids.
i get really jealous seeing really good food being eaten.

and it helps that i'm watching top chef.
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[04 Sep 2007|11:44am]
my tonsils are the size of golfballs.
Mr. Mulvey emailed me saying

"how convenient. I think it's all a communist plotsky."

i talk like a fag.
and i'm not motivated to do anything, when i could be doing so much right now.

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[27 Aug 2007|12:16pm]
i don't care, i think this has been the best summer, for obvious reasons. i'm glad that i have the friends that i have, i couldn't have asked for better.
that's all i need to say.

see you in school on wednesday

...i just wish i got a haircut.
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[19 Jul 2007|09:02am]
i had a dream that my mom had a myspace.
she came up to me and asked me why i haven't added her yet, and she showed me her page. it was all "pimped out". her top eight had megan, kirsten, lyssandra, alison, mike mata, kevin and then all of her friends, she had no picture, but there were pictures of her in the bathroom in her about me. and everyone wrote her paragraphs. and when i asked everyone about it, they were like "yeah she added me a while ago, it was weird."

and then denis got a myspace, and i was creeped out.
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[19 Jun 2007|11:42am]
for mike:Collapse )
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[18 Jun 2007|04:34pm]
who want's to see what my dad looks like without a beard?
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[13 May 2007|10:18pm]
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[15 Apr 2007|08:12am]
04.15.07Collapse )
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[08 Apr 2007|09:54pm]
speaking about picture updates.
04.08.07Collapse )
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[08 Apr 2007|03:35pm]
i say everyone should use myspace a little less, and start useing livejournal a lot more, because, yeah, i guessi'm spoiled, my parents just got me this:

as an early birthday/christmas gift.

so that means there will be more picture posts.

and i dont like posting pictures on myspace, and when i post pictures on facebook, no one notices.

livejournal is where the pictures will be.

so start paying more attention.
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[01 Apr 2007|11:25pm]
my parents have started to ask me what i want for my birthday.
try this:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


i just want to be able to take pictures like this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

all the time.

i miss documenting my life with pictures.
i need so much technology. lyssandra, billy, and i want to save up for a video camera to make movies with, if anyone wants to join in, that would be wonderful, the more money, the better quality camera.

gosh, i can't wait for this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and after that, i'll be saving up for a laptop, for college.

basically. the theme of this post is

$$$$$$$$. good thing i worked over 26 hours this week.
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[21 Feb 2007|10:14pm]
so the last post was really stressful.
everything is so much better now.

most everything is done. and it feels so good.
today was empty bowls and megan, britny, kate and i ran the bake sale, and we got over $250 for cheap cookies, and muffins from hannaford. it was so good.
it was so much fun, because we were just talking to nice people the whole time getting money and smelling sweets. this job was so much better then the other ones, like cleaning dishes and tables. we signed up for this bake sale, expecting guidlines, and at 10pm the day before, megan got an email from mrs peringer basically saying "do everything yourself!". we were so mad, but in the end things were better then we expected. (low expectations!!!) my grandmother donated 2 items to the silent auction, one of my grandfathers works, and her cross stiching, and together they were sold for about 260, which was good. over all empty bowls gathered approximately 9,000-10,000ish. and thats really good.

art all-states is also done, and that was a stress reliever, believe me.
now whats left is the battle of the bands that has to be organized, pre-college programs, and saving for italy.
that's so relieving.

i'm having a bit of money problems because of the amount of money i spend on food every week is incredible.
i'm trying to stop. at least i still know how to bargain shop, ie: getting 6 books for $26, when they would normally sell for $26 each. -good deal, thank you building 19 1/15.

longest post in a while? i think so.
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[04 Feb 2007|01:09pm]
I miss warm weather,
this week is going to be so stressful.
i forgot that we get a vacation in february.
i have so much to do this month and next month, and in april i'll just be relaxing in Italia.
this week:
monday. school, work 5-10.
tuesday. school, make up my 47 in physics, stay after in photo to start my art allstate project.
wednesday. school, staying after in photo for art all state.
thursday. school, no Radio and Broadcasting Club, but National Art Honors Society meeting to discuss Empty Bowls, work 5-10
friday. finish art all state project.
saturday. art all state interviews, Boston to film.
sunday. working 3-8?

i don't even want to think about next week, because we have bands auditioning for the Battle of the Bands in Radio and Broadcasting,
and the week after that, NAHS is doing Empty Bowls which Megan, Britny and I still have to plan the Bake Sale.

i'm kind of stressed, you could say.
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[06 Dec 2006|02:53am]
i haven't updated in forever.
and i'm having a really good week.

+i turned 21 on sunday...meaning i got ungrounded.
+i have a new phone
+Art All States.
+National Art Honors Society meeting finally thursday.
+early release tomorrow.
+letter that Mrs. Gilbert wrote about me.
+Photo club.
+Photo Class.
+"Good Student insurance"
+pumped about the paper in english
+everything about AP Psych.
+$31.43 Achievement reward 2006
+$61.03 customer service reward job well done
+$61.03 Christmad Bonus
+having $185.00 all together.
+my regular check next thurs.
+my parents absolutely loving me so much right now.
+Career Day in the Arts at South on thurs.
+meaning no rouselle for a day.
+my butt.

< 3
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[22 Oct 2006|11:25pm]
so, i guess im working halloween.
i'm a little upset about that, but whatever.
i guess im allowed to wear my costume to work.
just come and visit me, and give me candy.
and dont be sad for me, because im getting a lot out of this:
half of jeffs candy collection, 5 dollars, time and a half, and 10 % off any electronic item at sears essentials.

get me some extra candy for me by the way.
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[10 Oct 2006|02:00am]
this weekend was really good.
i wouldn't expect it to be as good as it was,
expecially because of work.
but after work was great every single day.

mum and pops are leaving the 19th, and coming back the 24th, denis wont be here from the 20th to the 22nd.

having the house to myself is nothing new. nothing like last fall when the boys stayed over like everynight, and going to dennys at 2 am with bro bro. last year was ridiculous.

ps. did anyone else think that ridiculous was spelt "rediculous" ? because i was shocked to find out the truth.

i fucking love autumn,&disney channel.
watching all these movies reminds me of my childhood.
i watched "stepsister from planet weird" and "up up and away" now all i really need is "tru confessions" and "johnny tsunami" and ill almost be allset.
i really need to watch every single one though.
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[23 Sep 2006|09:27pm]
this fall should be about the usual outdoor type things.
i want to have a pumpkin carving get together, but not with too many people.
i want to go to the deerfield fair.
i want to go apple picking with my parents like we used to, at the lull farm with the gourd man.
i want to go to salem, not just for halloween, but to visit my old house, and school, and see whats new where i used to live. like i wanted to last year.
but i do want to go for halloween too, if i don't then i'll feel like i missed an important part of my year
i can't wait until the disney halloween episodes. like the even steevens one where louis is in the pony ostrich rider costume. best costume ever.
i want to have a thanksgiving with family, and have a mini thanksgiving with friends, because that would be a lot of fun.
i want to drink apple cider outside with megan and kirsten, covered in blankets and wearing sweaters, hats and mittens and have good conversation.
i want to smell fall
i want to go on chunky's runs with derek and kevin, and listen to kings of leon and lamb of god and hawthorne heights because those used to be my favorite part of fridays.
but seriously, none of this will happen and im just going to be upset.
andi dont want to plan on this because when its planned, its not fun. everything should be spontaneous.

i hate it when im talking to someone, and they tell me something important, and i have nothing to say, because i frankly dont care. i live for the moments when people tell me the most unimportant thing, and i have so much emotion in me, and i find it so facsinating.

i cant wait to be done with the 4 test/quizes, and 2 essays i have.

and i am so happy to be in these clubs. i feel like im doing so well in school.

and everyone at work loves me so much.

about this lj entry being so long.
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