K (kasumi_) wrote,

yeah, I know that's what you do, which I respect. but it's a separate issue. like say a guy who calls a woman he doesn't like a c*nt but still has a gf he loves-- it doesn't make what he said okay. when people whom the slurs are associated w/ hear them, it's a reminder that what they are is seen as negative or lesser and sth society sees as worthy of being used as an insult. people then hear it over and over and it takes a toll on their psychological health. that's why such words have a lot of negative meaning for certain people, and why I wouldn't want other people to potentially hear or read them, b/c I know what it feels like as someone who has a disability themselves as has suffered b/c of it. same w/ 'f*g' and 'tr*nny' and other words that do the same. I think this comic illustrates it pretty well http://eliasericson.tumblr.com/post/76425600844/comic-about-slurs-and-offensive-jokes-published
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