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wowowow! Ruby-Sam love!

Last night's episode of Supernatural was something about awesome!
I'm totally Dean girl, but we need to agree: Sammy has the thing when is doing love. oh my...

Also, I was sure since Ruby was introduced to the series that they would be ending in a bed. I was right, and wasn't bad to see at all. To me, that loves the villains and all not normal things, was hoping about this. Sammy = HOT.

Anna is a great character, I really liked her. Dean liked her, too. So sad she will be probably killed. :(
That powerfull demon is awesome! What's his name, Alaister or something? He's probably most powerfull than Lillith, since the bitch ran and he didn't. Didn't ran, beat the boys, and the knife had no power against him. And omg, he got the pretty knife. No knife, no Colt, just pretty smiles. This isn't helping, boys.

Ruby is a lucky bitch. But, it still a bitch. I don't buy her "I'm just here to help". I'm still thinking she's just here to make sure that YED plans won't fail.

And Castiel isn't an angel, he's a god. He was only one, two minutes on screen and totally got me, again.

Supernatural 4x03 - In The Beginning


This will be at my list of favorite episodes of all times!
Really. Awesome! Just watched it twice and could be watch it more.

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Supernatural is back!


Is back! I've missed you, Winchester brothers.

Just saw "Lazarus Rising", and it's awesome.

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