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amas veritas

2 April 1973
Luciana. 35. mother and wife. brazilian. living in são paulo. webdesigner. sometimes a cool girl. sometimes a bitch. lazy. funny. lover. i love soccer. i'm 3 times champion of the world, because i'm são paulo futebol clube fan. i love rock n'roll. i love chocolat. i love beer, and tequila. viva jose cuervo!
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tv shows: lost. smallville. supernatural. heroes. gilmore girls. two and a half man. buffy. angel. the oc. veronica mars. friends. tru calling.

movies: closer. what's eating gilbert grape. forrest gump. eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. girl, interrupted.

music: bon jovi. aerosmith. led zeppelin. guns n'roses. u2. ac/dc. dr sin. whitesnake. motley crüe. van halen. alanis morissette.

actors: keanu reeves. johnny depp. zachary quinto. rodrigo santoro. ethan hawke. mark ruffalo. winona ryder. drew barrymore. angelina jolie. juliette lewis. uma thurman,

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