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The lack of inspiration is a sad thing...

I need to make some graphics. I mean, layouts to my websites, galleries, and I would love to make some goodies as icons and wallpapers. And it sucks that much because I can't. I really can't.

I was thinking about ordering some, but I really don't think it's a good idea. Because I know I can do my own layouts, I just don't like nothing I'm doing. And now every single website looks the same, you think about something different and a few days later a lot of websites are with the same look, or the same features.

Oh, and talking about websites, Neve Campbell is here, in Brazil. She will be at Amazonas Film Festival. So sad it's far far away from São Paulo. I would love to see her, really. I'm being a Neve fan since Party of Five, but since I did a website dedicated to her, my admiration just grew up. She's smart, beautiful, down to earth, really special.
Damn, I would love to be living in Amazonas right now. But... just right now, because I love São Paulo. hehe

It's raining. Again. Crap...
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