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Supernatural 4x03 - In The Beginning


This will be at my list of favorite episodes of all times!
Really. Awesome! Just watched it twice and could be watch it more.

Mary, a hunter? I never could imagine it. Dean received his name from his grandma Deana. And Sammy, from Grandpa Samuel.
And that actor who made Samuel, is AWESOME. He was just perfect as the daddy, as the hunter, as the YED. Perfect.

I cried rivers with the Mary and Dean conversation, all that things about being a normal person, not giving her childs following this hunters things. And this just broke Dean's heart.

And I am totally sure that you LMAO when Dean told himself that he will be to hell, again, because finds her own mother 'a babe'. And petrified when YED killed John.

And that end? "Stop it, or we will?". Freakin' awesome. I love Castiel, and Mischa is terrific.

Captures on the way:
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