September 15th, 2004

Company for Kami

Wow, finally i have found someone who recognises me, although i'm not sure how, have i met him before? i have no idea, but he invited me out to tea in Shinjuku on thursday evening, and i more then readily accepted.
A nice tea house, and especially after having no tea for months, it will most certainly be a pleasure.

I think i know breifly who he is, Kaya? I'm sure thats his name, a friend of Mana's, im also quite sure of, maybe hes a part of Mana's new band? or maybe just a friend of his, all the same im sure he has some connection to my old friend..

Speaking of Mana makes me feel sad, its only when i talk about them that i realise how fully i miss them..all of them..

"back from the dead" they called me,
"how did he survive?" they said,
but whatever the case, i did survive it, and i came out and now im back here in my old house, and i've met Kaya, and i'll soon have a friend once more.

Hes very pretty may i add, far prettier then i am, and more femanine to, in looks anyway, i hope i dont mess up, i can be quite the goofball at times, but he seemed a nice man..

wish me luck, tommorow night i will meet with Kaya in Shinjuku..
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