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Honey Vanity.. - mirage-

Well, I decided to look around online (something im not to good at) for anything by Kozi, i heard he had gone solo after Malice Mizer and i wanted to check out his work.

He sounds pretty good..its nice that he was able to keep making music, Gackt, Mana..everyone was able to carry on making Music, what i didnt realise was that there are so many songs for me..so many after i "died" were made for me..

I couldnt help but cry when i found this out, why hadnt those dammed doctors told them i wasnt dead! Why didnt they find out? so many songs, so much sadness..and for nothing..and yet they still think of me as dead...

"Saikai no chi to bara" is one by my former band, no?
and some even say Gackt-san wrote "U+K" for me...

i cant imagine what will happen when they find me..find me alive, will they kiss me and hug me, cry in joy that they still have me? or hate me for not finding them sooner..for putting them through pain.

believe me though..i am so grateful for that music..for those songs, i just hate to imagine their tears..
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