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Kaya-san -mirage-

Well, i went to meet with Kaya-san as promised yesterday evening, and it was good to be back in Shinjuku, you know, its good to be back in Japan!
I got a little lost in the station, but i soon found him.
then we went off to the tea shop, talking about pretty general stuff i think, about what we did and what we could or couldnt do, we didnt touch really on our respective bands until we were inside.

I think i was more nervous then i led myself to believe, because i said some pretty goofy sounding stuff, but i was trying hard to be as nice and normal as i could to Kaya-san, afterall i didnt want him running off on me!

I did tell him though..all about the hospital, and how everyone thought i was going to die, i suppose everyone really did believe that to..even my band mates, which is why now no one really recognises who i am..

i want so badly to get in touch with Mana, or Gackt, or Kozi and Yu~ki! it dosent matter, hell i could even talk to their last singer right now.. i really need to let them know im not dead, i heard it was bad..when i left Malice Mizer..

but yes, we shared some stories, just things we liked, and didnt like. He was very sweet, very pretty to, and i know that you can have a male kind of pretty, but he was on the border of both..im not saying i found him sexually attractive, i dont think id be ready to take such a bold step yet, but nevertheless he is pretty.

Well..i hope soon il see him again, and meanwhile i want to meet with many other people to..
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