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Stuff to think about

5 March
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Began: in Independence (197-)
Then: Kansas City (197- - 1979)
Then: Olathe, KS (1979 - 1984)
Then: Columbus, OH --> Worthington, OH --> Dublin, OH (1984 - 1996)
Then: Clay Center, KS (1996 - 1998)
Then: New Rochelle, NY (1998 - 1999)
Then: Lawrence, KS (1999 - 2006)
Now: Kansas City

High School: Linworth Alternative Program, Worthington School District. Graduated: December, 1991
College: Otterbein College; The Ohio State University; Cloud County Community College; College of New Rochelle; University of Kansas (BGS Psychology, Master in Social Work); soon: PhD in social welfare policy or an MFA in ceramics or writing. (One is fluff, the other career related.)

Jobs: 1st job working as a bagger for Krogers. Retail children's clothing/candy store. Optometrist's assistant/receptionist. Babysitter. Housecleaner. Retail Drug Store clerk. Medical Records Billing Researcher. Bartender. Caterer. Prep-cook. Waitress. Line-cook. Institutional cook. Baker. Tech support. Data Entry. Market research. Telephone sex operator, telephone psychic. Drug peddler. Receptionist. Temp. Case manager. Adult Protective Services investigator. Employment manager. Family Preservation Specialist. Community care coordinator. Foster Care Social Worker, Foster Parent. Lecturer.
Currently: Adult Education Instructor - Language Arts. Optician (part time).

(Currently no time for) Hobbies: pottery, writing, reading, movies, theatre, Green Party, potluck dinners, philosophy, art, laughter, and friends. Occasionally prone to long shopping excursions. LiveJournal. Twitter (Personal info at lj user= mmccoy if you're really interested.)

Personality: Pushy broad with a kind heart, smart, perceptive, and often absentminded. Loves geeks and goofs, intellectuals. Pragmatic, but always slanted towards idealism. High maintenance, but the no-frills kind - A la Meg Ryan in _When Harry Met Sally_ -- I like things the way I like them.

Pet Peeves: empty toilet paper rolls, men who roll their eyes, poor grammar (especially spelling), people who say "nucUlar" instead of "nuclEar" - "ideaR" instead of "idea" - "simplistic" instead of "simple", furry hats, cold toes and fingers, impatience

Favorite Places: my dead Great-Aunt's farm in Worthington IN, Milford Lake KS, the house on 315N in Columbus where Matthew and I took lots of pictures once, Clinton City Park, I-70 between Manhattan KS and Junction City, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Midtown Kansas City.

Least Favorite Places: Sports arenas, concerts or other large crowds of people, food courts in malls, the 'burbs.

Future plans: Complete writing my book, complete album with Joe, be the mistress of a wealthy and interesting man, recover from debt, complete PhD, write and teach. Retire to make lots of pots in my own studio.

Biggest fears: Growing hard and bitter. Not being known, adored, loved. Dying in excruciating pain. Having a meaningless life. Changing nothing, creating nothing good or beautiful.

Hope for the Planet: Global population purge, leaving remaining Homo sapiens to be stewards of the earth, living a 100% sustainable human culture.

Plan for purging stupidity: Pass out the poison pellets - call them Soylent Green and make them chocolate-mint flavored. Stupid people will eat them. Smart people will not.