Kai (kai_) wrote,

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  • Fri, 20:21: What the correct response to "Whatever"???
  • Sat, 08:43: Don't be a man about things. BE A WOMAN - We do everything a man does, backwards, in heels, with a freaking SMILE, sweetheart - while bleeding internally every 28 days. BE A WOMAN and stop yer cryin. Look at her! If she can do it, so can you - weak-testicled person. https://t.co/WrynZZYvsZ
  • Sat, 08:49: Seems MSM media is predicting that JRB will become the second FDR. 😂😭😂 YEAH I DON'T THINK SO. Most notably, I hope he doesn't create new weapons of mass destruction. Yeah?
  • Sat, 11:57: Narcissists/abusers want you to feed them. If they're in "honeymoon" mode, they do it with platitudes. If they're in a bad mood, they do it with angry, dismissive, controlling and selfish behavior. https://t.co/nxTCyEt4X3
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