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  • Sun, 12:12: RT @PalestineMATH: Do you know what money is and how it is created in our country? This is a deceptively simple question that I find few p…
  • Mon, 11:51: RT @mcsquared34: Unpaid internships are temporary forms of coerced slavery, and they must be abolished.
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    Sat, 08:10: RT @ PalestineMATH: @ JamesABinkley1 @ HighwayRobbery2 @ thetroybarnes1 @ NoobRydar @ JuliaJuliagulia @ AndrewYang People need to…

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    Thu, 16:23: RT @ MrHumanityGives: Drop your cash app, PayPal or Venmo, like and retweet this 😂❤️🤑🙏 HAVE Twitter notifications ON! I’m gonna…

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    Wed, 15:16: RT @ n_th_n_: It's a long thread so just want to boost that this is where we're at: councilmembers are refusing to even talk about…

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