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  • Sat, 00:34: RT @JayMansion1: Remember the flame in your heart burns strong Remember and the spirit will collide Remember, together Remember in the end…
  • Sat, 11:31: Oh right because people don't like loud women especially and so if you're too loud you get punished. That's my week this week. https://t.co/JGqj2jnTB0
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    Wed, 08:33: RT @ AGirlJustKnows: Burning Man 2021 is cancelled Suck it, software designers and lawyers pretending to be hippies for a week I…

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    Sat, 12:13: RT @ mcsquared34: The United State is a rogue state, it pays no attention to international law. Sat, 13:39: I'm in it for the…

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    Fri, 20:21: What the correct response to "Whatever"??? Sat, 08:43: Don't be a man about things. BE A WOMAN - We do everything a man does,…

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