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  • Wed, 17:13: RT @lsthart: Left wing so utterly sucks at messaging. And then the Democratic leadership argues over it all, while the right wing unapologe…
  • Wed, 17:41: RT @revwendy3: The fact that we are being made to settle for crumbs (again!) when there’s a multi layer cake available for distribution is…
  • Wed, 22:11: 2020 -if knowing that my dad is sitting in jail for fraud is any real indication... I'm very interested in what may be coming down the pike. Justice may prevail after all. ❤️ I pray that he comes clean with God.
  • Thu, 07:54: RT @EclecticRadical: So far, the best argument anyone has against forcing a vote on #MedicareForAll (in addition to Sirota's list of conces…
  • Thu, 08:55: RT @Claudia_Sahm: *** 14 million *** workers and their families — getting federal benefits of extended weeks and expanded eligibility — get…
  • Thu, 08:55: RT @Claudia_Sahm: “unexpectedly” ???? wtf. have you seen the record case counts and deaths? https://t.co/tbe9a1Qrfm
  • Thu, 08:59: RT @BreeNewsome: TODAY, THU 12/17 @ 7pET/6pCST/4pPT Stand with families facing eviction around the nation in saying #ReliefIsDue #CantPayW
  • Thu, 09:13: RT @uscensusbureau: Based on responses collected 12/7 - 12/13 from the #SmallBusinessPulseSurvey, 21.3% of U.S. small businesses experience…
  • Thu, 09:14: RT @MrHumanityGives: If @AndrewYang says the new bill includes money, then it's gotta be #fact.
  • Thu, 09:33: RT @PamKeithFL: If $600 is NOWHERE NEAR enough to help you & your family, SAY SO! Make a short video telling Congress to pass the Black Ch…
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    Tue, 13:25: RT @ 401KBRO: I can't believe any American has the balls to talk about violent crime in other countries As of yesterday, there's…

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    Mon, 17:58: RT @ grig_sam: The time to get rid of Landlords is right Mao! If you like my pun, retweet. If you hate my pun, share it with an…

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    Sat, 12:04: It's unrelenting the kind of abuse moms face in family court.

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