June 17th, 2021

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  • Wed, 15:23: Remember that time the government paid a bunch of people to stay home and not die? Yeah. Now they coming for your homes. You'll die outside.
  • Wed, 15:32: RT @timjacobwise: So, we're going to commemorate Juneteenth but not be allowed to teach the truth about the system whose ending it celebrat…
  • Wed, 16:04: I thought it was a joke by the Onion - it's a joke alright but it's not satire, it's truth. Ugh. We're fucking doomed. https://t.co/qStZ0DhObc
  • Wed, 16:11: RT @LeeCamp: There's an epic drought right now across the Western US caused by climate change. What our capitalist rulers won't tell you is…
  • Wed, 16:15: RT @2marsandback12: It cost an average $30k-$60k to keep an inmate in prison, yet 1k/month UBI is too much to keep them out of prison.
  • Wed, 16:18: RT @daveweigel: The best Twitter account, @populismupdates, is suspended for some reason. (I've only corresponded with them via DM, otherwi…
  • Wed, 16:35: RT @gonzo6664: Please make this the tweet that destroys the algorithm as twitter hates the #homeless as well as #artists #MutualAid #Artist
  • Wed, 16:35: RT @MomentumSharks: If $AMC hits $100 this week I will buy everyone who retweets this a share of AMC. #AMCSqueeze #AMC
  • Wed, 16:53: In case you ever wonder - -why is she in the handicapped stall? That's what my leg looks like on the inside. And my back is really messed up. 🙏🏻❤️ But I can walk. https://t.co/xOTAp818XQ
  • Thu, 10:31: RT @KingOfBassFace: 'The intellect is wonderful servant just so long as it knows its place.' — Alan Watts
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