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i've seen the pictures

its not a good idea to listen to MEGAN ♥
17 May

(INDIVIDUALISM) Megan :0 14 9th grade. South Florida. Left handed and clumsy. (Lives with parents, two younger brothers, dog named Picasso) Plays piano, (going on 10 years) gymnastics/cheerleading (sort of) writes, reads, likes trying to grow flowers. Is often told she is: too stubborn, hypochondriac, & obsessive compulsive. May have slight insomnia due to anxiety, hah. Enjoys being spontaneous. Bad habits include doodling on everything in sight and procrastinating.. oh and I brush my teeth in the shower! Who knows. :shimmies:

(MUSiC) u2 ; no doubt ; the clash ; stevie wonder ; blondie ; the cure ; satchmo ; sting ; elvis costello ; the kinks ; the beatles ; 311 ; dispatch ; weezer ; the old jewel ; beyonce ; p. diddy ; joni mitchell ; billy joel ; greenday ; the ataris ; sarah mclachlan ; john mayer ; eric clapton ; the bee gees ; tlc ; Queen ; justin timberlake ; the ramones ; the rolling stones ; duke ellington ; red hot chili peppers; bob marley ; hoobastank ; coldplay ; maroon 5 ; usher ; the who ; outkast ; ashlee/jessica simpson ; the flaming lips; bright eyes ; modest mouse ; the grateful dead ; nick lowe ; jack johnson ; ben harper ; the pretenders ; bruce springstein ; etta james ; ray charles ; the temptations ; the supremes ; sam cook ; cat stevens ; the carpenters ; the smashing pumpkins ; radiohead ;

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