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i've got a big, big, big, big heartbeat.

kimberly ann
Date: 2009-10-10 14:33
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just a little update, because i haven't updated in a while and i am procrastinating on both getting dressed and cleaning my room.

my room is in pretty bad shape. it's not very big, but i use it for sleep space, work space, and storage space. needless to say, tere is not very much space left over. so now i'm going through for the third time in six months to get rid of stuff i no longer need.

i've come across a lot of clothes i don't wear anymore, obviously, but they are still in really good shape, some are barely worn. so now i am trying to figure out how to make a quick buck off of these clothes, since i am quite poor. i know that there are resale shops that buy things from you, but i have a lot of summer stuff that they won't accept, and a few vintage items that i know lost & found won't give me as much as i could get for them. i was thinking ebay might be a good place to start, but i am not so sure.

i also want to get my etsy site up and running, and start working on christmas presents and some other unfinished projects. there's so much i want to do, but with school and work, it seems like there just isn't any time for fun.

alright, that brings my disgruntled ramble to a close.

hopefully i can bust my butt, get this room cleaned up, and start working on school stuff and halloween costumes after i get home from work tonight.

p.s. i am SO excited for this halloween season, you don't even know. several parties, dressing up for work, and youmacon. *drool* now all i need is a haunted hayride/forest and a few trips to the cider mill and my fall season is complete! hopefully i can cram in some baking, too. i want to make apple butter, pumpkin butter, & cider!

haha, it's hard to get anything done when you want to do everything, isn't it?
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-08-03 14:33
Subject: (no subject)
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i've been neglecting you, livejournal, and for that i am sorry.

i am also neglecting kimisyarn.blogspot.com, oursitcomlife.tumblr.com, and i am neglecting the photos i've taken this summer. they have yet to be shared upon the interwebs.

what can i say, though? i'm lazy and unmotivated. it is the sad truth about myself that i do admit but can not control.


so i went camping with some friends, out in houghton lake, michigan. it was a blast, i'll have some pictures uploaded eventually.

we visited higgins lake, the sixth most beautiful lake in the world, according to national geographic.

i wish i could have done more traveling this summer, i really want to see the west coast of the country, there's a lot of natural beauty out there that is so much different from the landscaping of michigan. michigan is beautiful, too, and i wish i had been able to visit the upper peninsula.

well, i at least am able to visit ludington next week, relax, paint, embroider, and hit the sand dunes. i haven't been up in a few years, so i am pretty excited.


oh hey, by the way, vote for my dog. she IS the cutest, after all.

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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-07-16 09:41
Subject: (no subject)
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today is my first day off in a while, and probably my last until we leave for the big camping trip on the 23rd. i'm so excited, i haven't been camping since last summer, and i really just want to get away from work, family, the city, the internet, and just relax in the sunshine.

today i've got to wash a lot of blankets, at the laundromat, and then i'm cleaning my room, finishing some baby booties, and laying out a lot of information about the trip so everyone is informed and ready to pack.

i haven't been to a gym, or worked out at all for that matter, so i'll probably try to do that, and i'll also probably spend some time reading outside. most of my days off en up getting wasted by my laziness, but no, not this time, i promise.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-06-15 19:01
Subject: dog days of summer.
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just relaxing with man's best friend.

dog days of summer.
Originally uploaded by mushabear

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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-06-14 11:50
Subject: (no subject)
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so, my body has been fighting some kind of mystery infection for the past few days. all i know is that all of my muscles are very, very tired.
my blood has drafted extra white blood cells to fight this battle, and it's wearing me out!
i've been exhausted, and in serious amounts of pain.

as a result of my fever and exhaustion, i have been having a lot of strange dreams, a lot about food, haha. most of the other dreams don't make much sense at all.
in one of them, i ordered peanut butter and jelly sushi!! which, come to find out, is actually quite easy to make!

so, having lost several days to solid bedrest and misery, i've decided to get my rear in gear and actually do something with myself this summer. thankfully, i finally have more than one day at work this week(three, jackpot!), so i'll be rolling in a slightly larger wad of dough soon enough.

since i haven't gotten much to eat lately, i've really been craving mexican food, thai food, middle eastern food, and of course, sushi. hopefully i cn quench these cravings when i get better.

i've been thinking about moving out a lot lately, too. i'd like to live in the royal oak area, because it's slightly closer to school, and i spend a lot of time there.

alright, i need a nap. bye.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-06-01 21:13
Subject: (no subject)
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yesterday, i spent the whole day under the sun, and it was amazing.
i hope the summer months bring me more days like that.

last night, i dreamt that the weatherman forecast rain for everyone in the U.S.
the whole map was covered with drizzles and storms.
when i woke up, it was raining here in michigan, and i almost thought my dream came true.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-05-28 15:52
Subject: just a little random update.
Security: Public
i'm dying for a second job.
i hate the feeling of not being able to take care of myself, always needing to bum a few bucks or a ride somewhere.
it sucks.

i've been riding my bike a lot more lately,
i plan on riding everywhere i can, and driving as little as possible.

last night a group of us went on a night ride, and my total milage by the end of the night was probably fifteen miles.
needless to say, i feel pretty worn out today, since i also went to the gym with my brother, and he always pushes me real hard to do more reps and such.

in other news:

somewhere over the past two or three years i grew an inch, and am now five feet four inches.
i think that's pretty cool.

i decided that one of my hobbies this summer is going to be botany.
i'm growing an herb garden, so i might as well learn about all the herbs i'm growing, how to cultivate and use them, etc.
if i have enough money, i'm going to get a book i found called "the complete book of herbs." it's got EVERYTHING.

other short term goals include selling some stuff on ebay, getting a booth at a craft fair, and getting a new seat for my bike. the one i have now is kind of brutal.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-05-15 00:14
Subject: (no subject)
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i know i am a pack rat. it's an awful habit, and i am going to end up as one of those hoarding old people who gets trapped in a tunnel system of junk, within their own home. i'm doomed.

but recently, i got a new bed, a full compared to a twin, and as a result i have spent the last week cleaning, even purging my junk, if you will.

i just went through an entire drawer filled with old notes from high school, some even from eighth grade.
notes from susan/megan, nikki smith, haley/haleh, jenn m, sarah k, sarah demos, paula etc. even old notes from jenna, matt, and joe.
so many people.

i'm throwing them all out, because i've realized how useless of an attachment it really has become.
they are clutter, only good for an hour every year or so when i feel nostalgic and want to remember the inside jokes, the alter egos, the drama, the paranormal, etc.

i'm not going to forget it all, i just don't need to fill up a whole drawer to try to hold on to those scenarios anymore.

back to cleaning.
i might say more later.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-05-03 20:35
Subject: (no subject)
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this weekend was amazing, and gave me a nice taste of what this summer has to offer, if i play my cards right.

in less than twenty-four hours we:
- drove to grand rapids with our sunglasses on.
- rocked out to queen and the violent femmes in the car.
- hung out with richard and ate a vegan buffet.
- went to the liquor store, twice.
- told hilarious, outrageous, and unbelievable stories around a bonfire.
- went to yesterdog for weird hot dogs, and employees who are paid to be jerks.
- hopped back on the highway in the middle of the night, looking for adventure.
- slept at a rest stop. kinda.
- ate breakfast at cracker barrel.
- looked for the non-existent exit 105, where the road trip oasis was supposed to be. (it's a mirage)
- stopped at a rest stop to roll cigarettes and lay in the sun.
- went to sonic for delicious slushies.
- got stuck in traffic.

i'm so wiped out, but i feel so good. i have to get ready for reviews, which are still stressing me out, but at least i got a little work done on the road this weekend.

i have so many plans for the summer, it's unreal. camping, indian reservations, oswald's bear ranch.
road trips, bike rides, and lots of picnics/BBQs.

okay, time to get serious. tuesday is so close, i can smell it.
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kimberly ann
Date: 2009-04-16 16:49
Subject: (no subject)
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i've got to detach.
and i've got to go.
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