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--   sTeph . * --»
24 October 2004 @ 05:00 pm
New Layout, I don`t think i like it. I dont like the header on it, it doesnt look good for some reason. It doesnt look good with my icon either. Tell me if you think i should take out the header or not. <33 Also, does anyone have good sidebar tutorials? VOTE ON THE HEADER, cuz idk what to do. =)
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24 October 2004 @ 01:28 pm
.o1. First Layout-- can be seen here: koolaid_jammerz

.o2. Second-- It`s a lot like the orange stripes layout, only with blue stripes, blue links and such. Just like the orange stripe layout, its just a blue version.


PLEASE PLEASE put one of these buttons below on your journal or info creditting me for your layout. If youd like a total new layout, comment.

Comment, Credit, and ENJOY! <3
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23 October 2004 @ 09:58 pm
YES i`m getting PSP 8 w* AS3. yeSz. im so happy. It should be here by friday, then i`ll prolly have to get used to it for a week or 2, then i`ll be busy with HALLOWEEN =) Then my b-day. I will probly be applying for being a maker at 1 or 2 communitys, and taking requests in my personal journal on NOVEMBER 13TH. I will probly only be able to do blinkies and glitter names by then, then i`ll start on other stuff. So watch out for me! <33 Comment for a layout, and check out my freeware in the first 2 entrys =)
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23 October 2004 @ 06:21 pm
Loong Survey.

[Name]- Steph

[Friend(s) you go to for advice]- shannon melissa liana
[friend(s) you talk on the phone to most]- melissa
[Friend(s) you have the most fun with]- melissa
[Friend(s) you can do nothing with and still have fun]- shannon melissa mary liana steph silkwoski, a lot hhaa
[Friend(s) you've dreamt about]- um .. none ..?
[Friend(s) you tell your dreams to]- uh

[Chocolate milk or hot chocolate]- hot chocolate
[McDonalds or Burger King]- mcdonalds
[milk or butter]- milk i guess
[Root Beer or Dr. Pepper]- root beer
[cats or dogs]- dogs
[Ocean or pool]- ocean usually
[Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese]- both =)
[Mud or Jell-O wrestling]- jello haha
[With or without ice-cubes]- in water, but not anything else
[Milk/Dark/White chocolate]- milk&dark.. whites nasty.
[Shine or rain]-shine
[Top or Bottom]- top i guess
[Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring]- summer<3
[Vanilla or Chocolate]- vanilla
[Skiing or snow boarding]- skiing
[Swimming naked or with suits]- with suits??
[Biking or blading]- biking i guess
[Cake or cookies]- CAKE!
[Cereal or toast]- cereal
[Night or day]- um both
[Fly or breathe under water]- fly
[Bunk bed or waterbed]- waterbed i guess
[Chewing gum or hard candy]- chewing gum
[Motor boat or sailboat]- motor boat
[Lights on or off]- off?

[Color]- red, blue, orange, white, pink =)
[Number]- 4
[Animal]- dogs, and giraffes&dolphins =) very cool huh.
[Holiday]- umm christmas, and thanksgiving, anything that i spend with my family is great. New Years is funn too. partayy
[Sound]- music?
[Book]- um not really anything .. lol
[Movie]- Miss Congeniality =)
[TV show]- Real World, Mad TV, FULL HOUSE&ARTHUR ohh yess
[Radio station]- 95.7
[Place]- cape cod <3
[Flower]- white roses
[Scent]- vanilla
[Food]- TACOS =) pasta, nachos, bagels
[Drink]- water, apple juice, koolaid =)
[Car]- um .. i really dunno

[What's your house gonna look like]- its gunna be a white cape
[How many kids]- 3 or 4
[Names]- Jeffrey, Jennifer, Lilly, & Alyson
[Animals]- a dog.. and maybe a cat or hampster if my kids wanted one, no lizard or anything tho idc if they want it or not lol.
[Move anywhere, where would it be]- where i live now or cape cod
[Dye your hair one color, what would it be]- um i like my hair color.. lol
[Have a tattoo, where/what would it be]- on my lower back .. like a little horizontal vine or something

[Get up]- eat breakfast
[get in the shower] -get wet?
[Go to school]- look for my buddys
[Get home from school]- EAT. haha

[Female president]- yay
[Thunderstorms]- um yay
[High heels]- eh both
[Mexican food]- yay!
[Bill Clinton]- um idk
[Little Kids]- yay =)

[Do you bite your fingernails]- ya alot
[Toenails]- EW no.. woah
[Twirl your hair]- kinda not really
[Impersonate]- sometimes lol
[Pick your nose]- ew no
[Eat it]- NO. jeez
[Chew gum obnoxiously]- ha sometimes
[Cheat on tests/homework]- homework ya

[Make your bed]- everyday
[Clean your room]um .. wenever it looks REALLY messy
[Shave]- um like every other day?? lol
[Talk/walk in your sleep]- no
[Give hugs]- every single day lol
[Tell people you love them]- everyday

Oh that was fun. lol OH MAN I`M SO HAPPY i will be getting PSP8 and AS3 soon! I`ll be able to make blinkies n icons n banners. lol im so happy.

KK love yahz <3

Leave Me Something.
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21 October 2004 @ 05:04 pm
These overrides are for my orange stripes layout, i might have it right now. If you do not know how to put overrides in, please go to everything_lj , they have a lot of helpful stuff. If you take this layout & use it, all i ask is you put one of these buttons on your userinfo. If you dont know how to do that, just put layout made by juicyjuice_ on it. If`d youd like any changes, comment, or if you want a whole new layout fill in the form on my info and leave a comment. I`ll be happy to help with any questions too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment if your taking the layout. Enjoy!

OVERRiDESCollapse )

Comment, Credit, & Enjoy! <3
--   sTeph . * --»
18 October 2004 @ 06:53 pm

Please Put This Wherever Allowed

LiveStrong Community


Buy a Yellow Band


Wear Yellow


Lance Armstrong Foundation


Comment If you have joined the community or bought a bracelet =)
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20 September 2004 @ 06:23 pm
Like the layout??? I can make ya one if ya want. =)

Glitter, Icons, & StuffCollapse )
--   sTeph . * --»
03 August 2004 @ 08:51 pm

T h I s i S f R i E n D s O n L y !

Comment to be Added

If you need a layout- comment, i can make cool ones. I made mine. Or just if you'd like to be added =) I also have alot of graphics