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Music is love in search of a word
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in joss_stone__'s LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
11:56 am
Tuesday morning cafeteria song
Song Title -Don't be shy

(First Verse) I see the way your looking at me
And i know you ain't here for company...yeah
Look in my eyes there no suprise, cuz i want you
So slide over babe and we can do what we do....so i said

(Chorus) Come over babe
Stay a while
Get comfortable, make me smile
Come over babe
Don't be shy
just you and i, you and i

(SecondVerse) Your arms, getting closer to mine
Your hands, oh, creeping up my thigh
Just think, about the things we could do
Oh baby, they'd stay between me and you......So come on and

(Chorus) Come over babe
Stay a while
Get comfortable, make me smile
Come over babe
Don't be shy
just you and i, you and i

(Refrain) Hate to sound in a rush
But i hunger, for your touch
Ain't no time to waste
Your putting up a chase
Just come on over....baby!

(Chorus) Come over babe
Stay a while
Get comfortable, make me smile
Come over babe
Don't be shy
just you and i, you and i

If you happen upon this this is truly an original song.Collapse )
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:58 pm
Late night call from mum.......

I turn over in the bed, hoping whoever it is who decided to call would simply go away.


Crap now I have to wake from this awesome dream, don’t want to disturb Lindsay. I grab the phone and flip it open.

“Hello. Mom. Hey what’s going on, me. I’m fine. Great.”

I twist the single braid around on my finger and look up at the ceiling.

“Registration was easy, I went in a bit late but it all worked out.”

It worked out just great, going in that office was the greatest thing I’ve done in a while.

“Yeah, I’m kinda trying to sleep….i just started to doze and then you rang.”

I bite my lower lip and listen to her, but not really. My mind was totally consumed by something else.

“I’ve met a wicked awesome girl named Lindsay she set me up in her room until i got my info, and Hayden but I think he’s sore at me for leaving him, and there was Miss Jolie.”

Goddess Jolie. Spell binding, breath taking Jolie.

“Yes people are so nice here and I’m having a wonderful time, how’s little man? He did! Tell him I miss him terribly and as for dad give him a hug and kiss for me when he decides to bring his bottom out of the office.”

I yawn slightly and stretch, it’s too late to be late anymore. It’s so late it’s early.

“What are you doing up anyway, don’t be worried you know last time he worked later than that…I know mom…I miss you to.”

I yawn a bit more. “Okay mom I’m going to try to get some sleep…luv ya.”

I close the phone and roll over trying to get in at least a few hours of sleep. But I can’t help but grin at the thought of my first official day at Winston.
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
10:30 pm
A. J. (After Jolie)
I sit on the bed tapping a pen to my notepad, lowly humming a tune as not to disturb Lindsay. When i feel emotion i write songs but i can't concentrate because i keep seeing her in my head. Those lips, that hair, those eyes. Perfect.

There it goes again, come on Joss block it out.

Crap. Okay back to my song.

I go back to the notepad, closing my eyes trying to really pour some deep lyrics into it.

Everytime i get over it, it's there again. And i can feel her lips pressed to mine. She smelled like some exotic fragrance and fresh linen. I keep hearing her ask me in that sultry voice of hers.

"Would you like to kiss me Joss?"

And i did, i kissed her and it was like nirvana. For that brief moment our celestial bodies were together. We connected on the spiritual by relating and then the physical felt perfectly natural. Perfectly.

I sigh.

Alright i've dealt with the problem now i can go back to my song.

I begin to hum softly, concentrating on the song. I close my eyes again and feel her presence, lips, the sound she made when she kissed me.

I place the notepad beside my borrowed bed and sigh, lying back and looking at the cieling. I'd never get any rest tonight.
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