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A quick review: 101domain.com are incompetent idiots and scammers - Joshua's weblog
March 21st, 2011
08:28 pm


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A quick review: 101domain.com are incompetent idiots and scammers
Because I don't really have anyplace else to publish something that the Internet as a whole should see, here is a quick review of 101domain.com: they are incompetent idiots.

I attempted to register three domains with them during the .so landrush phase: libc.so, ld.so, and ld-linux.so. The idea is that you submit your registrations early, they submit them to the .so registrar, and then Pool.com collects all the registrations and the ones that are contended for go to auction.

This worked about OK, up until things went to auction, at which point I got no e-mail from Pool.com. I called 101domain, who promised to call me back three days in a row (they didn't), and eventually I told them that I wouldn't hang up until they got me answers. They told me that nobody had gotten auction mails yet, and just to wait until the auction was over, since I probably got it.

A few days later, I mailed Pool.com just in case, who said "Of course libc.so and ld-linux.so went to auction, and your name isn't on the list; talk to your registrar." This caused a five day long game of phone tag with 101domain.com, except the problem was that they never tagged me back. I got transferred into the void (does Christian Zamorra actually exist? I am pretty sure that it's the voice mail for a dead guy, or something) three times, and I got promises of callbacks each of the times; they said that the .so registry isn't answering phone calls. (I'm believing that less and less, now.)

Most recently, I called them this evening, and there were two people ahead of me in the phone queue, with an expected wait time of 10 minutes; this was true after waiting for 20 minutes, too. I called an hour later, and there was still an expected wait time of 10 minutes, with two people ahead of me in the queue. I realized that nobody was there today. I submitted a support ticket online twice (no response), and sent mail to support@101domain.com; no response.

Don't buy from 101domain.com. They are incompetent idiots at best, and scammers at worst. Don't do business with them. Don't give them money. And give this message to anyone who wants to buy an international domain...

I should note also that a friend of mine, Andrew Drake got screwed by them too, trying to set up dnssec; they claimed they supported it, and it turns out they did not. He tried to call them on the phone; they hung up on him repeatedly after he stated his problem. When he asked for a refund, they also immediately hung up. He ended up having to file a charge back with his bank. If you buy from 101domain.com, do it on a credit card, so that you can charge them back.

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