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June 1st, 2015

June 1st, 2015
01:21 am


Trip report: !!Con
Okay! So a few weeks or so ago, I spoke at !!Con, and before I forget (even more), I wanted to write down a few of the things that were particularly notable to me about it. In general, I liked the !!Con experience, and the biggest negative (that I arrived on a redeye at 7am, but that my AirBnB didn't exist until 3pm...) was mostly the fault of my own incompetency; but I wanted to take a moment to write down in a little more detail what some of the things that !!Con did really right were. This is all somewhat train-of-thought, so you'll have to forgive me if there are incoherencies... But without further ado:
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Anyway. That was quite a lot longer than I had planned on. But, hopefully, that gives you a flavor of things that made !!Con special. If you're planning a conference of your own, you should absolutely look to !!Con as a role model in a lot of ways.

(and, of course, photos)

(hello. I have a potato cannons | buy PVC)

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