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Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2013.01.16 at 01:51
Current Mood: sillySilly
  So, I re-added an old LiveJournal friend. for some reason we were no longer added to eachother as friends. I am blocked from sending messages. Whatever, I guess you really can't re-friend an old friend? I keep trying to reach out to people Online friendwise and IRL friends that I use to have but they seem not to want to get in touch. I guess we've all grown out of wanting to be friends. Well, Ive tried.

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.08.01 at 13:46

This is at 71st and Garnett. Its Chik fil la appreciation day

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.08.01 at 12:55

Youuu were the wife

Neck problems

Posted on 2012.07.18 at 20:39

this is

Just 00


Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.07.14 at 11:33
Current Mood: happyhappy
So happy that that blog actually unfriended me. EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Accidentally clicked it as its still in my suggestions when I type in a few words to get livejournal.

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.06.22 at 02:35
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Laying down, shift head triggers pain in chest. Worry? No?


Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.06.18 at 14:17
This is such a waste of time and money. I am sitting here doing schoolwork and cannot do very much else. MRI tomorrow and hopefully some solution that will stop this. I am wearing heating pads but all they seem to do is move the pain around.

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.06.04 at 06:22
I miss my radio morning show =( they replaced them with some weirdo guy in the morning. I think they're trying to compete with the other rock station which makes it less interesting -.- It's been like, two years but I will still pout about it everytime I turn on the radio in the morning and his boring-ass is on.

Also, from the tentative plan of my math class. Our tests are all take home tests. duuude. And the last days are all reviews for the final.

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.04.26 at 15:21
Speech tonight, over my persuasive
Powerpoint is crap but I am just not feeling this speech.
Final for Old Testament Tomorrow

Youuu were the wife
Posted on 2012.04.25 at 12:03
Current Music: bassnector - Underwater
I got a phone call, well, a call that was about a text message. Someone texted my house phone, "Whats up". I just see that as a wasted text. Mainly cos I have no idea who belongs to that number

I feel like bombing my Persuasive speech. Just cos. -.- I have a Phsyc, Science test tonight, suhweet.

My sister may  be sending the girls April 30th. That gives me a bit time to fix up the house for two little girls

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